Sunday, November 15, 2020

New Years Eve

No, I haven't time travelled to the future, it is the name of the rug on my frame which was my camp project with Bev Conway.  It was love at first sight because it gave me hope for 'the new year'.  

The pattern reminded me of me in my cave for over 9 months and this bear has been in his tree cave for probably as long.  This design would be a happy covid rug as a reminder of good things going forward because I did not want to hook a mask or a colorful covid germ.  To me those are not happy motifs to hook.  But this one, oh man, does it speak volumes to me on the future.  Plus, my 'Buster the Bear' has a glass of cab in his hands to celebrate'.  Yep, that's my boy's name....Buster.  If you would like to purchase this pattern in either pdf or drawn on foundation you can find it HERE.
Am thinking that window is a big chipped out hole from woodpeckers, large retired Owl nest or a huge rotted out knot hole but it still serves as a window for Buster.  There's snow on the ground there but hopefully not here any time soon.

A story about the wine glass ~ which, by the way I think the glass shine should be removed between the thumb and the rest of the paw behind the glass, think the lighter color provides the idea of glass distortion.  What say you Lynne?  

To be continued on the glass... I know I've seen wonderful hooked pieces in narrow cut with a fishbowl and other reflective items and what 'to do' was running thru my mind one day while shopping at Walmart.  All of a sudden I see a palate of boxes shrink-wrapped and when I saw that glistening shrink-wrap immediately though "wine glass".  So pulled off a section of it and put it in my handbag.  

Those snowflakes are salvaged white linen threads ~ you pull up a loop in a hole, pull up two ends in the next hole and pull into the loop to make a knot and snip off the top.  Voila, easy peasy snowflakes.

I've still the Coleman lantern to figure out but have lots of background to hook as I ponder that part.  Lindsay, Loris and Bev....if you read this, I'm having a BLAST hooking this fun design.  Thank you.



  1. wonderful job! I had one class with Bev Conway and loved her i have not seen her in years. Sounds like you had a great time.

  2. have accomplished a LOT on this rug! And here I thought you were just goofing off at camp. ;-) And seriously?? That is shrink wrap you hooked for the glass?? ( thinks you might be the only person...well, besides me perhaps...that would look at shrink wrap and think about wine LOL.) You didn't ask me (although my middle name IS Lynne), but I agree...I think the "shine" between the thumb and the rest of the paw should be removed. I really like your lantern...looks like the real Coleman.... ;-) Fun rug. Hoping our bears have snuggled in for the winter...As of a week and a half ago or so, they were still out and about....and very difficult to see driving now that it gets dark so early. Well, glad you're back! ~Robin~

  3. The cutest Mat! You have picked a perfect one to hook,,,covid Related!
    Love it,Saundra!

  4. Shrink Wrap !!! That looks Great !!! Will be a great rug & a reminder of this crazy year !!!

  5. Just read Cathy's post and she is working on the same rug.Cannot wait to see how both of you finish it! Janice

  6. Darling design...and the shrink wrap is genius!!!

  7. So cute! That's very true....we've all been hi"bear"nating for the last 9 months... Love the sparkle of the wine glass! It's magical and happy...two things we all need right now! Keep it!


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