Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Reverse Hooking

Seems I do a lot of reverse hooking as you (my regular readers) already know.  Truth be told I've reverse hooked and a couple times put back the wool I'd pulled out.  This is what New Years Eve looks like now.
And this is the previous photo.  It will be fun for me to compare them too and who knows, maybe I'll put back some of the wool I pulled out.
You probably already noticed the reverse hooking was mostly in the window/port hole and the book case to the far right.  For sure I like the darker colors of the bookcase much better as it looks like a companion piece to the bed and even stands out rather than sinking into the background.  

And of course I hooked more of the wall background.  But Buster's eye needs a little tweaking, still need to decide how to hook the Coleman lantern and undecided about the wine glass and if that sparkle line needs to be pulled out.  Yeah Mz Robin I know you want it gone, lol.  But how did I do with the other tweaks?

Still having fun with this fella, have Over the Moon on the side lines, Woolly Santa needs the binding finished and then will need to choose something else to  hook.  I want to hook an antique adaptation again!!!!!!  I miss my antique rug adaptations.



  1. Looks great to me,,,either Way!
    Sweet pattern,,,,

  2. Looking good. You got lots done, and barring any major reverse hooking, you’ll be done by weekend!!

  3. This bear is charming--I love what you're doing with the pattern!

  4. I like the darker book case. After reading the last post comments - today it hits me... you used shrink wrap? Doesn't this get steamed, pressed(?), and such when finished? I'm wondering how the shrink wrap will play with that.

  5. LOL....Yeah, I should have finished reading before analyzing your "then" and "now" photos so closely... I kept looking at that dang glass and thinking "I don't see a change there" LOL. Yes, definitely you get an A+ with the changes to the bookcase...and I like the changes to the window too.... You're a great tweaker.... ;-) ~Robin~

  6. Oh he is just a dear kind looking fellow :-) Whenever I have to "Un" anything, I can't help but thinking as I go - oh now I'm finally back to where I was.


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