Thursday, November 19, 2020

Close But Not Exact

I've loved this antique rug for a few years and fell in love even more when watching a friend hook her version in a class with Kris Miller.  The original rug measures 23 x 41.
This morning while perusing various sites for old rugs stumbled upon this Sheep said to be hooked 19th century and from the estate of Penny Marshall ~ yes, THAT Penny Marshall.  
The rug measures 23.5 x 36.
So I'm wondering if one is a derivative or adaptation of the other.  If you are wondering who that friend was, it was Tanya Wishard and what a beauty she created.
The antique rug is back on my 'to do' list but am still working on New Years Eve, Over the Moon is on the side lines awaiting the last loops and Woolly Santa still needs to have the binding completed.  So by the time I'm ready to put a newer rug on my frame my interest might be elsewhere.

Happy hooking and stay well.



  1. There are just So many great patterns , it's really hard to choose !!!!LOL !!!

  2. To many patterns not enough time, well for you it there is! you hook a lot of rugs!

  3. Tanya's rug is even better in person!!!

  4. You are a hooking machine . You will be on that sheep in no time .

  5. You fickle thang you LOL. I am sure that whatever you choose, you will choose well. Oh wow....Tanya's version of that reclining sheep is drool-worthy. I've always been a sucker for sheep. A big sucker. ~Robin~

  6. Wow! That Penny!
    Awesome mat,,,
    Love Sheep!

  7. Nice rug. I can see the similarities, but there are many similar sheep rugs out there, so who knows.

  8. Awwwwe, a shepherdess after my own heart ~ I like sheep rugs. Can't wait to see your version as I tend to appreciate your colour choices.


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