Sunday, November 29, 2020

New Years Eve all done

Oh what fun it was to hook this rug.  It was started November 9th at rug camp with Bev Conway as my teacher.   
I'd like to point out a couple things about hooking the rug which you may find enlightening.  In an earlier post I mentioned how the directional hooking of the floor which gives the illusion of distance from the bear to the book case.  But there are a couple other things you may find interesting.

The alarm clock on that bookcase is a button from my stash from when I made dolls.  Works well, dont'cha think?  

And, one day when walking thru Walmart before rug camp was wondering how the heck to hook the wine glass.  All of a sudden I saw a huge palate of boxes with shrink wrap.  AH HA!!!!  A lightbulb went off so ripped off a piece, stuck it in my pocket and packed it with my wool for camp.  Wasn't sure how it would work and had to be careful to not place the iron on that part when steaming the rug.  But it sure gives it a shine like a wine glass.

There's more...see the bear's scarf?  Notice the end has a tassel look to it?  Something so simple yet it took my teacher to show me how to make it.  She said when I got to the end of the scarf to leave at least 1" of end sticking up.  Then Bev came over with a T-pin and plucked out the weft section of the strips to leave just the warp.  Ingenious yet so simple.  Thanks Bev.

This design was fun to hook on so many levels ~ first it is looking forward to the new year, get thoughts of Covid 19 out of my head, and hopefully looking forward to a happier and more peaceful new year.  If you would like to hook this design too visit The Wool Farm and purchase yours today.



  1. Just Love your details , the shrink wrap is prefect for glass !!!
    Yes ...lets hope Covid 19 will be out of our minds a year from now & there will Peace , & Kindness in 2021 !!!! And all of our family members can celebrate together !!!!

  2. I love your clock idea!!! you did such a nice job with this rug but then no surprise you do amazing work.

  3. Love, love, love all your details...that button! Wow...perfection!! And the wineglass and the scarf...too fun! Yes, let's hope there is a better year around the corner and that Buddy's clock is not stopped on 2020. ~Robin~

  4. That was a fast hook...and so sweet.

  5. A great Finish!
    It's so sweet,,Saundra!
    Love it,,

  6. WOW such great details! Love it all! Janice

  7. It turned out great. Very interesting about the directional hooking on the floor. Thanks for sharing.


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