Monday, November 2, 2020


Woolly Santa is all hooked and once Old Tom is bound I will begin binding this as December is just around the corner.  I did try to 'fix' Santa's stink eye situation, a couple times actually, and will settle with this look.  He does look a little softer.
Below is the photo before tweaking the eyes; I wanted his eyes to be blue but shows too dark and too close together.  I also trimmed his eyebrows.  

Photographing a rug is challenging for me.  The picture above was taken on my chilly breezy back porch with indirect sunlight but the flash still went off.  The photo below was taken inside the house with a flash.  Amazing how different the background and border colors look with that little bit of indirect sunlight.
There is nothing new on my frame today nor will there be this evening.  However, I'm thinking about designing one and have enlarged a couple motifs.  Will see how that 'plan' goes and if I get frustrated will pull something from my stash as I get the 'vapors' if I don't have a hook in my hand and pattern on my frame 😬. 



  1. yes I thought not a day passed without a hook in your hand!
    I love your santa I did order the new year's eve rug today looking forward to it.

  2. It is so hard to capture the true colors in a rug!
    Santa is looking good :)

  3. I have difficulties photographing rugs...and stitchings...too. Love the finish...and yes, the eye tweaks look great. I do like the "softer" look. Gee....are you sure you won't have severe withdrawal issues??? ;-) ~Robin~

  4. Love the santa ,,, I did a santa face,,, once! Scarey!
    Had to leave it blank,,, yours looks so good,,,,

  5. He turned out great!! Can’t believe you don’t have a plan for your next rug!! You are usually thinking about the next one long before finishing your current one.

  6. What a difference your tweaking did to soften Santa's eyes ! They look great ! Love your colors for this rug !

  7. i just hooked Wooly Santa too, just binding it. Coincidence!


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