Friday, November 27, 2020

Flash Back Friday

I've been going thru old ATHA magazines as they have mounted up over the years.  Am saving those which have articles for reference and made notations on the front cover like 'fold dyeing', 'hooking techniques', designing styles, etc.  

Then I came across one I'd totally forgotten about dating back to 2008.  Happened it was one with an article about me and my rug which I named The Ole Gals.
Here is a photo copy of the article as I didn't want to cut it out and scan it; I'd like to keep it intact in the event my family might want it as a memory????
Have started binding New Years Eve and will have a photo for you soon.  Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.



  1. Wow!! Totally enjoyed reading the article...What a fun rug! Love the technique used for the green dress. I think you have mentioned it before but I must have misfiled the memory of it. ;-) And look how beautiful you are!!! One HOT Mummy. ;-) ~Robin~

  2. What a great article !!! Love this rug !!! It is perfect for Girl Friends !!! A great picture of you too !!!

  3. Cute! I wasn't a member back then... so this is my first time seeing this! Congrats!


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