Friday, November 6, 2020

It's Been A While (edited)

 Seems like forever since I've posted photos of old rugs so me thinks it's about time.  The rug below I've had on my flash drive since 2018 and haven't shown it until now as I was hoping to learn more about it.  That hasn't happened so will share all I was being sold at Christies.  No info on size, provenance or age.  But I do like it.
Dog at rest early 20th century from the estate of Gail and Charlie Lohr, Rockingham Co., VA.  17 x 18.5.
A floral said to be hooked 1920 with the initials DEC and MEC.  From the  estate of Ann Vail, Waynesboro, VA measures 16 x 28.
A floral early 1900s measuring 31 x 54.
A shirred rug dated 1916 from Pennsylvania.  For those wonderful non-hooking friends who follow my blog here is a link to explain what a a SHIRRED RUG is.
House and Barn flying American Flags hooked late 19th early 20th century.  This is the front side, measures 24 x 44.
Here is the back side so you can see original colors. 
And lastly is a Moose with arrow shaped corners hooked 19th century, measuring 26 x 34.


  1. So here I go again~ what is a shirred rug? It kinda looks like and E Degas painting. I like it!

  2. Love seeing the difference between the back and the front of the rug. Very cool rug!

  3. I really enjoy seeing those rugs and like lauren I love seeing the front and back.

  4. Great mats again! Wow,,, such treasures!

  5. The moose moves me. Sooo cool. I need to take a class in replicating old rugs.

  6. Always enjoy your rug shows !!! Love the houses !

  7. Hands down, the winner for me is that beautiful house/barn/flag rugs!!! It's glorious now, but how stunning it must have been when first hooked!! The 1920 rug must have been commemorate a wedding?? ~Robin~


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