Monday, November 8, 2021

Thinking About My Next Rug (edited)

No I'm not finished hooking the horse and still have more edge whipping to be done on Stacked Birds, but don't want to end up with no plan as in the past.  Have considered hooking another Magdalena design or maybe hooking a Granny Donaldson cow blanket design.  All her motifs were crocheted by Granny and appliqued to a foundation.  She was born in Kentucky April 19, 1870 and died August 1, 1960.
The edit: A couple readers said they were aware of horse blankets but not cow blankets and why were they called that.  My first thought was that perhaps Granny lived in an area more populated with cows than horses and cows get cold during the winter too.  Also speculated that milking cows would be more productive if they were warmer.  

Since I didn't know if that was really the reason decided to research further and found an interesting article.
Here are a few designs by Granny which interest me, but remember I'm a fickle hooker so might change my mind before I draw a design.  This design is in the Collection of American Museum of Folk Art.
Below is in the Collection of the Ashville Art Museum.
The following design is a Family and Animal grouping previously sold by Brunk Auctions.
Here is one sold by Case Antiques and have no prices on either.
And the one below with a vine running up the tree.
Wonder just how many cow blankets Granny made during her lifetime?  I mean I've saved several photos on a flash drive and am sure there are some haven't seen.  

All the cow blankets seem to have the same theme of animals and family around a tree ~ the tree of life or the circle of life?  The blanket below is somewhat different in that it has a building of sorts ~ a grain bin (silo), oversize bee skep?  
Me thinks Karen Kahle designed her "Simple Gifts" from Granny Donaldson's Cow Blankets.  What do you think?  Below is the Simple Gifts I hooked with Barb Carroll.
If I choose a Granny Donaldson design to hook it will be difficult to decide just which design to hook.  Or will I decide to hook another Magdalena?   Stay tuned to see my options if I choose Magdalena.

Happy  hooking.



  1. Granny Donaldson sure had her own style and she stuck to it. The blankets look like baby blankets size. I wonder if they were meant for babies.

    You have a hard choice to make but if you chose Granny D's pattern, would you hook the designs or crochet them?


  2. She sure did have her own style. what ever you choose I am sure you will be great.

  3. Decisions Decisions Decisions. I personally like the blue and red one...but that because those are my favorite prim colors, but I know your choice will be a good one for you! Janice

  4. I learned something new again from you...have never heard of Granny D or a "cow" blanket (horse blankets, yes...but a cow blanket??? Wonder why they were called that??) While I am amazed at her ability to create such uniquely defined motifs in crochet, I guess this style just isn't my "thing"?? All the "blankets" look pretty overly similar to me. Good luck deciding! ~Robin~

  5. Wow!!!have never seen or heard of granny D!!! Amazing pieces,,,,,crochet!!
    Think it would be so fun to hook a version,,,,,

  6. Like Robin, I don’t get the cow blanket thing? Why are they called that?

  7. I also did some research last evening and found out that she had started with a baby blanket. It's a fun story anyway. Thanks for sharing.

  8. My favorite is the one after the second purply background one.
    I believe a friend hooked a Granny Donaldson rug many years ago. Looks like it could be a fun hook.

  9. Just read the article. Very interesting.

  10. Just want to say thank you appreciate your sharing the stories of Granny Donaldson. Her folk art is amazing. Love of folk art is what got me interested in rug hooking. The best of luck with what you decide to hook next its always amazing to see.

  11. More decisions ! Never heard of Granny D either or Cow blankets ....I know whatever you decide will be fun to see !!!

  12. I have never heard of Granny. Her work/these pieces fascinate me! I love them, have to keep scrolling up and down. I would have thought maybe a barn??? I like the one with white dots in the photo. The primitive shapes of the animals, long necks etc. is stunning - something special about them - also the medium - wow! Okay, I all jibberish will scroll some more: I have to take this in.


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