Sunday, January 17, 2021

A Favorite Type of Blog Post

The largest number of visitors show up when I post an antique rug show; by far larger number of viewers.  So perhaps it is time for another show.

First one is 2 cats with scallop border measuring 25 x 44 and hooked early 20th century.  A good use of left over worms too without the hit and miss look.
A  geometric which the auction site called a Spider Web design.  But it reminds me of the early days of TV with a test pattern 
before the hour shows would begin on the station.  Rug dimensions are  27 x 48 hooked in the 1920s.
A very worn rug of a Dove hooked 
1898.  It measures 30 x 49, here is the front.
You can see the original colors were a light value and one would have assumed the rug to have faded a lot from looking at the front.  Also notice how they use to hook their rugs by folding over the edge of the foundation (mostly burlap) then hooking thru both layers to protect the edge without having to bind the rug.
The Brown Dog rug below was located in 
Downingtown, PA and hooked in 1900s.  If you tap on the photo it should enlarge and you can see it was hooked with homespun mostly.  It measures 20 x 30.
Two dark dogs from a Maine estate collection hooked in the 1900s.
Another dog rug and this one has a scallop border.  It measures 31.5 x 40 and from the 20th century.  This is the front; just love it when the auction house shows the back for original color comparison.
And a back view; notice again it is not bound but uses the same technique as described above.
With a close up of the top left corner.  
1930 Eagle chair pad.
Definitely not my colors, but here is an Abstract Floral measuring 25 x 40.
Chickens hooked early 20th century, located in Downingtown, PA.  Size is 25 x 45.
A 1900s Beaver with the Grenfell Labrador Industries Label attached.  From Delray Beach, FL.  If you newbie rug hookers would like to learn about the Greenfell Labrador project click HERE.
A landscape named Cottage Under Big Tree by the auction house, measures 27.5 x 41.  Said to be hooked early 20th century.
And for an even dozen rugs and since Valentine's is nearing, here is a Hand in Heart with hit and miss background circa 1920 provenance Garth's auctions 22 x 45.

Happy Sunday and happy hooking.



  1. I do love when you post antique rugs. They are my favorite. Favorite to look at, favorite to hook. I really like the top one with the two kitties. I just might have to make that one.

  2. Hi Saundra,
    Yes, I love your rug shows, too!!! I'm always amazed by all the different colors and subjects used!! My favorite is the two kitties, and then the dog with scallops!! They both have a feel of a Magdalena rug to me!!
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  3. Love seeing all the pretty old rugs ....amazing the way they hooked thru the burlap to create the binding , would think that would wear out much faster . Fun to see the dog hooked with fabric the woman hooked with !

  4. While I admire the artistry of the cottage under the tree, my favorites are the first and last...the kitties and the heart in hand. Too fun. Hope you're enjoying your evening! ~Robin~

  5. As always so amazed at these talented folks who hooked antique rugs. Jaice

  6. That Abstract Floral is BUTT UGLY!!!

  7. Another great show of old mats,,,
    Love the kittens too,,,,and the house and tree,,,,

  8. You found some nice rugs to share. The Brown Dog looks more like a horse, pony or donkey to me. And the one reminds me of TV test patterns too.

  9. I choose the cute chicken rug and the wonderful Grenfell mat.

  10. The cat rug or the dog rug with scallops would look great on my wall! Gorgeous


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