Wednesday, January 13, 2021

MAIL, as in USPS

July 26, 1775 Benjamin Franklin became the first Post Master General even tho there wasn't much mail being transmitted between people at that that time.  

The Postman was a movie Kevin Costner starred in where I think there was a line like...'thru wind, rain, sleet and snow your mail will be delivered'.  Or something to that effect.  Well what the hell has happened despite the exorbitant rising costs of shipping?

On December 6, 2020 I ordered a pattern from Cushing and just received it yesterday January 12, 2021 ~ it took 37 days to get here from Wells, Maine.  FYI I do NOT blame Cushing as I've always received my orders from them in a timely fashion.  Anyhoo......

Here is my late birthday/early Christmas present to myself arriving after the new year 😂.
Not sure I'll hook either of these this winter because I've still a rug on the frame and want to hook a heart or so next. But who knows what this fickle hooker will choose to do.  For sure will need to watch Lisanne's tutorial on hooking a plaid for the ice skates piece.  Thanks Lisanne!



  1. Oh these patterns are ADORABLE!! Can't wait to see how you "color" them! Yeah....I don't get this USPS issue.... COVID and mail-in ballot handling just catching up to them in the last few months??? Hellloooo????? ~Robin~

  2. Wow,,,that's along time!!!
    You do wonder,,kk
    I got a parcel from England faster!!!!

  3. Great patterns. I sold two sets of magazines one was wool street journal and the other create and decorate. I mailed them priority on the same day both were ripped open and the contents missing. they stamped the envelopes contents missing contents and delivered the envelopes going two different states. You tell me what is going on?

  4. Get used to it... not only due to higher volume & worker shortages, but also thanks to DeJoy's actions

    Does the USPS need changes? Absolutely, but cutting overtime and taking out sorting equipment as mail volume was increasing due to on-line orders was a dumbass (and unethical if intended to benefit his company!) move.

    Glad you got the patterns though, they are sweet!

  5. Your patterns are so pretty , Love the ice skates !
    Just crazy about the mail .... in our area , my mail man still says it will take 4 weeks to catch up !

  6. It sounds like we all have USPS nightmare stories. I received a Kohls package the other week. It was opened and one item missing. Really? How did the bag get so neatly opened and why was only one item missing?
    Just love Winter Buddies. I've seen a few sweet finishes.

  7. Cannot wait to see these finished! Dont get me started on the mail these days. Janice

  8. I really like that deer and bird one....I keep saying I'm going to get that one but never do. Not to jinx it but we've not had mail problems at all. Glad you finally got yours.

  9. Love your choices!! I have hooked Snow Buddies and love it. Unfortunately it is still waiting to be made into a pillow. And I was gifted the ice skates for Christmas. Won’t even get started on the mail service😡


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