Friday, January 1, 2021

Welcome 2021

Happy New Year, at least I hope it is a happier year than 2020 was. This rug is called New Years Eve but wanted to save it for the post today since I'm showing the projects hooked during 2020.  Believe it or not I hooked 15 projects during the hibernation ~ quarantine ~ shut-down ~ or whatever name you wish to give it.
The first rug hooked in the beginning of 2020 Was Winter Sled, a Cushing design which was kindly given away to me by Cathy of Acorn Hollow.
In preparation for February's Valentines Day my next project was Heart Butter Mold by Primitive Heartstrings
I had Lori Brechlin's Lancaster Barnyard pattern for a couple years and finally it moved to the top of my list.
Posies and Stars is an antique adaptation I hooked and offer in pattern form and still love it.  Was attracted to this antique because of the blotchy background as well as the neutral hit and miss border.  It still makes my heart skip a beat.
After a few days of harsh winds the rug on my frame next was  a pattern I saw on Cushing's web site and purchased it immediately.  It is aptly called Windy Day and will be my March display again this year.
By this time I wanted something which didn't need much concentration and decided to use up some neutral but various value wool and drew Cat's Paw.  

With spring near it was time to hook Lori Brechlin's Early bird, a pattern offered by Spruce Ridge Studios.  Confession is that I did do a little change by making the border all the way around instead of the top and bottom.
Was time for me to get back to my love of antique adaptations so chose one I named Bespectacled Lion.  Again it is the blotchy background but also the quirky na├»ve appearance of the lion.  Would love to know about the person who drew and hooked this many years ago.
Was comfortable to be working on antique adaptations again and what luck to find an antique patriotic themed rug, right up my alley.  The original was hooked around 1830 and I named it Pride, Honor, Freedom.
Saw Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) hooking this adorable pattern called Jack's Crow and had to have one for myself. It's a design by Terri Leamer of Winter Cottage Studio.  I couldn't wait to hook those pants with the left over wool strips from a Polly Minick pattern and think one day I'll hook it again with different colors since it was a PDF pattern.
The months are moving right along with me in the cocoon and time to finally hook Old Tom, a Lori Brechlin design.
Good heavens, my fingers are getting tired and getting vertigo from flipping from PC to flash drive, finding the pictures, yada yada.  But am almost..uh, almost done.  

Then on Facebook Lori posts a photo of a design called Merrie October 31st and a couple of us went nuts.  Kris accommodated us with a smaller version to our liking and this is what mine looks like.
Another PDF pattern I'd had for years was a Karen Kahle pattern named Woolly Santa.  Each year I'd tell myself to hook it but years flew by and decided it was time!!!!!  Again I made a change to the design to suit me and didn't hook the top sheep sticking out of Santa's sack.  Instead chose to hook Santa's mittens black to fool the eyes to see the sheep's legs.  I'm happy with my decision.
In chronological order New Years Eve would have been next but I placed it first since it is New Years Day.  But after that was Over the Moon, a pattern offered by Spruce Ridge Studio.  As you can see it still isn't' completely bound.  If I were one to make 'new years resolutions' it would be to be faster at binding my rugs; but then I DON'T make new years resolutions.
If you are interested in purchasing a pattern offered by me, you can look for them in the link below.  Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year.   My black eyed peas and salad are waiting for me as cooking them and doing this blog has taken longer than planned.



  1. And I still love all of them that you hooked! Janice

  2. I hooked more rugs this year than any other year I think I will have to look back.
    I love all of your rugs! what a year of accomplishment.
    Happy New Year

  3. Wow,,,Saundra!!!!
    Love all UR mats,,,You sure did hook a lot during the year,,,,So glad we have this hobby and others to keep us occupied,,,,especially last year,!!

  4. You certainly have had a year full of completions...Wishing you a a very Happy New Year as well! Donna

  5. You hooked a lot in 2020 !!! Love every single one !!!!! Look forward to 2021 projects !!!!

  6. I hereby crown you Hooker Extraordinaire! Wowsers....that's a lot of rugs! And I can tell exactly where, on the timeline of rugs, that I started following your blog LOL. I love them all, but I have my very favorites among them. I have Julie's Primitive Heart Buttermold pattern and Jack's Crow pattern. I even got as far as selecting the wool for Jack's Crow....and then, as you well know, I fell down the rabbit hole. I have no hooked accomplishments whatsoever this year. (Although, if I remember correctly, I think it was after the new year that I finished up my teeny tiny snowflake maybe that partially counts?? Happy Saturday.... ~Robin~

  7. Wow you were hookin your little fingers to the bones !! Love them all !!I think I fixed my reply settings on my blog...Thanks for the heads up !

  8. Thanks for the year in review. I should try doing that! All are great but my favorites are the antique reproductions...Posies and Stars, Bespectacled Lion, and Pride, Honor and Freedom.
    Here's to another productive "hooky" year ;-)


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