Saturday, January 9, 2021

Miscellaneous Chit Chat

Update on my serger ~ I picked it up this afternoon, serged the pattern and it is on its way to Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  While the Bernette is back working again with only a threading issue I still see a need for a backup serger.  

A friend gave me a New Home My Lock serger which is seized up.  Instead of buying another it might be worthwhile having it looked at and repaired vs. spending $500 or more on a second serger.  During my on-line search did see a Utube video of someone fixing a seized up Janome serger so maybe I've nothing to lose by getting a screw driver and do what that guy did if oiling the machine doesn't fix the problem first.

Truth is I still haven't accomplished much in the way of hooking but will give an update on the Horse with Scrolls rug anyway.
Between the horse's front and back legs on the original antique there is a light hooked strip but not sure I'll keep mine as hooked.  Also not convinced on the leaf colors either.  What I do know for sure is that hooking makes me happy and I'm about to get back to it with a glass of cabernet knowing my pattern orders are shipped and my serger is working fine for the time being.

Happy Saturday and happy hooking.



  1. Looks good,,,,
    Glad things are fixed!!!

  2. so glad it was just a threading problem and not a huge fix. I say you have nothing to lose to try and fix the other one yourself. Like you I am happy with a hook in my had and a project

  3. Good luck with serger #2 ;-) That would be great if you could fix it!!!

  4. I feel sure that was a relief. I have a friend who works on her servers and sewing machines all of the time. I am not that brave.

  5. Yay on the serger...knowing you, I would think it would bother you knowing you hadn't gotten a pattern order fulfilled "timely" LOL. Your horse rug is looking fabulous. I think it's going to be one of your best rugs ever (in my opinion)....I really am loving your color choices. And I actually kind of like that wonky strip between the legs. I am not sure why...usually I find things like that a bit "distracting," but this I like. Is it wine time yet??????? r

  6. Love this rug. My son and Daughter in law have a small horse farm and board horses as well as 6 of their own. I really should hook a horse rug for them 😉
    Have a great evening.


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