Tuesday, January 19, 2021

White Horse With Scrolls

Thought you might like to see a more recent photo of my progress or lack there of on the antique adaptation White Horse with scrolls.  
Am happy with choosing a dark border vs. the light as in the original antique shown below.  Yet I love the light border too and it was hard to decide which to do.
Have a small heart drawn so think I'll spend the rest of the evening working on that.  Happy hooking.



  1. Just a wonderful job you are doing on that rug!

  2. Loving the dark background and border,,,,

  3. The dark background looks really pretty & makes your pretty scrolls pop !

  4. You definitely made the right decision on the borders....I really really love this. And the scrolls must take a while to get the color flow just right. Looking forward to seeing your heart. That reminds me that I made a stuffed hooked heart last year....Hmmmm....wonder where I put that. ~Robin~

  5. I like the dark border as well. I do think the light border would be more challenging.....not always a plus, lol.


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