Monday, January 11, 2021


This morning as I was waking up stars were on my mind.  Before the new year the subject of new years resolutions was written about on some blogs.  And in the past I'd make a resolution but end up breaking it.  Yet I did say to myself....'hope I'll finally work on the star quilt again sometime this year'.  The last time I worked on and blogged about it was 2017.  Good grief!  that was four years ago.  If you'd like to read those posts you can see them HERE.

I even  surprised myself today by assembling a few more blocks.  Honestly don't know how many blocks are needed to finish the never-ending at least decade long quilt project because I didn't assess that today.  But did sew 5 more blocks.
Perhaps after I've had a couple days to catch up on pulling loops on my dear horse rug I'll check thru the box with the quilt and determine what is needed.  Surely that fabric is aging as fast or faster a rate than I am 😕 so need to finish it. 

Have assembled my mitten with heart and not ready to hang it since it's not February yet.  I'll get some greenery and have a couple fabric hearts to put in the mix or perhaps I'll have to hook a couple small ones to insert.
After blogging the start of my hooked mitten project and Kindred Spirits booklet friend and follower Nancy Kilrain remembered she had that booklet and had plans to make two for her twin grandchildren.  She posted her first mitten on FB with a delightful braided hanger... UH, an idea I stole from her ~ thanks Nancy.  By the way Nancy, in all honesty I like your hooked version better than mine.  Yours has more character and mine is rather stagnant.  Hey!  Give credit where credit is due.  Good job gal!
Happy Monday, plans are to pull a LOT of loops tomorrow which will make me happier.



  1. I wish I liked to quilt I love that quilt. Sometimes it is nice to mix it up a bit. I am hoping to do that this year with punch needle.

  2. Saundra , what Fun to see My Mitten on your Blog !!! What a sweet compliment ! Your Mitten looks great ! I like your tighter braid strap !
    Hope you get your pretty Star quilt done , I remember reading about it , sure doesn't seem that long ago !!!

  3. Great star quilt, ,,,
    And the mittens both look great,,,
    We have hobbies! What a great thing,, especially now!

  4. Hi Saundra,
    Has it really been that long about your star quilt? Wow!! Time SURE DOES FLY!!! You are getting closer to the finish, one star at a time!!
    LOVE your mitten, and Nancy's and they both are wonderful!! So fun to see how each can be so unique!! We all inspire each other, don't we??
    Have fun pulling some loops!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  5. I can't believe it was 2017 that you were blogging about the star quilt. Time sure flies by.
    LOVE both mittens!

  6. Hallelujah!! Can’t believe you are back to the quilt. Maybe this will be finish year!! Like both mittens. They are very clever. Are they lined?

  7. OOOH love both mittens. I need that pattern. Janice

  8. Well, at least you have bit the bullet and are back at it. I have a small quilt project I started...hmmmm...must be 15 years ago already. It was "accessible" until WWR, then got packed away and must be in one of those boxes I haven't bothered unboxing. I doubt I would even know what to do anymore with it should I find it LOL. And your choice of fabrics and design was obviously timeless....still on trend and looking great. I love those mittens more each time I see them....Both are wonderful, but I do like how Nancy's actually looks like a knitted mitten. Very clever. Hope you are enjoying pulling loops! ~Robin~

  9. Wow! That star quilt will be beautiful and comfy. Love your cute.


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