Sunday, January 24, 2021


With the emphasis more on hearts as I just finished those two blue hearts in front.  Thought I needed some blue to go with the Cat's Meow antique adaptation.  They are stuffed with snippets and lavender, ooh they smell good.
And the addition of those hearts would also enhance the look of Horses and Hearts, which is a design by Marion Ham.  The pattern was provided as a free to draw design in the American Folk Art Crafts book.  
The pattern in the book has more than 6 horses but whoever drew it did the condensed version which I purchased at a great price during a sale at Cape May rug camp.
The horse rug is on my table now and must admit I like it better now than after I  finished hooking it.  At the time I was sick of hooking all those horses and hearts so put it away and this is the first time I've unrolled and displayed it since.

Here is the book the pattern is featured in.
Happy Sunday and happy hooking,



  1. Love your Red & Blue hearts filled with Lavender !!! Great idea ! Your rugs are both Beauties !!! Love the wools you used !

  2. Love your basket of hearts! They complement either rug beautifully.

  3. Love everything and am especially fond of horse rugs. Do you have more information on the book it was in? Thank you.

  4. Its Marion Ham...not two m's in the last name.
    The design is not currently available except through either thst book or if someone has an extra printed copy. Quail Hill Designs will be available at a later time/date. You did a nice job with colors.
    The original was on the floor in her keeping room in Maine. Designed for her daughter who is a vetrinarian specializing in horses. If I can figure out how to send a picture at some point I will let everyone view the original.

  5. So love the colors of these rugs and the hearts compliment very well. Janice

  6. those hearts look great with your kitty rug! I just unearthed that book from my collection of books. there are a couple of good patterns in there.

  7. Love Them! And the mats,,,,,I may have that book,,,,or had it!!will do a check!

  8. Wow ... so many beautiful rugs. My hands are tired just looking at the 🤪

  9. Love you little hearts! The addition of he blue make them absolutely perfect for both rugs! You're a hooking machine I tell ya. Hope your week got off to a great start. ~Robin~


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