Thursday, January 7, 2021

Busy but No Hooking

The very minimum amount of loops have been pulled the last two days and not sure many will be pulled today.  Tuesday I drew and shipped three rug hooking patterns; they were Antique Black Kitten:
Posies and Stars, 
plus Antique Pot of Flowers, all of which were to one person.
Then yesterday I had three orders; one person wanted the small version of Horse and Scrolls.
another person wanted Cat's Meow.
The third person wanted an antique adaptation I'd not drawn before so a master pattern needed to be made before I could draw it out on linen.  
Then things went to hell.  I did get the master paper pattern done, cut the linen went to serge the edges and the thread broke.  This is an old totally metal but work horse Bernette by Bernina.  I inherited it from a friend a few years ago and it came in handy after my newer model Bernette died.  

I worked over an hour to try rethreading it and even have the manual but the damn thing wouldn't do the proper stitch and that same thread was missing something.  So I dropped it off at a local sewing center this afternoon.  However, the person who works on sergers is off today.  I'm confident it is just the threading but am having it serviced too.  

I'm dependent on a serger as I do NOT like glued edges which some teachers do to patterns they sell (had a couple and very disappointed they put something like that out there), I've seen some people using tape on the edge but think that is tacky too and wouldn't want to do that with mine and surely wouldn't sell a pattern like that.  So I've alerted the young lady I'll contact her tomorrow.

So you're thinking...'what's wrong with hooking now?'   Well, because after I walk to pick up my mail I'm coming home to make a pot of vegetable soup.  I love a bowl of warm vegetable soup, left overs for a couple days and also freeze some.  But boy it takes forever to chop those veggies.



  1. Hope you get your machine back soon. I know what it is to be without something you need. Soup sure does sound good! Janice

  2. So sorry the machine is down I have never used one. But look at you busy as can bee selling! Good for you

  3. Wow,,,,a few busy days ,for sure,,,,
    Hope UR machine can be fixed!!!!
    Enjoy UR soups,,,,

  4. I agree....the serged edges are so much nicer! While I might use tape on a small mat that I drew out myself....I would not find tape acceptable on a pattern that I ordered from someone (especially if it's large and would take a long time to hook). I hope your serger is a quick fix. I always turn up some quick paced music when I'm in the kitchen... and before you know it, the meal is ready! Happy New Year!

  5. At least you are being productive and making some hooking money ;-) I am not being productive hooking-wise, but my house is 99% put back together...finally.
    I don't have a serger, but I do zig zag all the edges. Hopefully the machine is a quick fix.

  6. Bummer on the serger, I hope the SM person gets it back running soon. Do you have a sewing machine? If I'm too lazy to get the serger out, my preference is a 3 step zig-zag, but even regular zig-zag or 2-3 rounds of straight stitch also work to prevent raveling. But I agree, serged edges are so nice.

  7. Nice to have all of that business in the NY! I hated my server and trying to thread the thing. Gave it away finally. They have fancy self threading ones now, but the cost an arm and a leg. Hope yours just needed threading.

  8. Awww...the kitty rugs are so cute. I haven't seen that last one before I don't believe. I started a large (for me) version of the old "welcome" cats rug several years. It's in the cemetery of unfinished rugs and other crap....likely where the Beast will end up. Why do I do that? :-( I have been sooo tempted to get a serger so many times. I could never ever justify the cost given that I obviously don't draw out many patterns, but every time I see one, I shudder. I would never ever figure out those damn threads. On the rare occasion that I do draw a pattern, I have just zigzagged the edges. I agree...glue and tape are NASTY. How I wish you were close enough to share some soup with!!! I could and would eat soup every single day if possible. ~Robin~

  9. So sorry your serger is causing you so much frustration too . I always zig zag my edges too and trying to get a needle threw glued edges is not fun at all either ! Hope you get it back soon .
    Who ordered all those beautiful patterns will be Very busy !!! Hope she posts them someday too !
    Good Luck , hope you are to hook this weekend !!!

  10. Hi Saundra,
    My, but you have been busy and I just love each one of those rugs!!! Someone will surely be hooking up a storm!!!
    So sorry about your serger and I hope it gets repaired quickly!! I use a zigzag for my rugs but I think a serger would be so wonderful to have for so many things! Soup sounds so good and I think I could eat it every day!!!
    Take care and hope you get back to hooking!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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