Thursday, January 28, 2021

OH MY WORD, Look What I Found

 Went searching for the proper size needles to knit the cap [almost automatically typed hook instead of knit so don't be surprised it I do it again and not catch it] and boy did I open up a can of worms.  Oops worms refers to hooking too 😊.  Sure have a big mess to deal with now before doing anything fun as this mess needs a little organizing.

Did find some needles ~ the long straight ones in that 80s flower designed container and one short circular needle but I've more double pointed circular ones somewhere.  See the pastel skein of wool tucked in there?
It is another full skein of yarn to continue work on the Bev Conway shawl pattern she gave me.  So I was successful in casting on and knitting sometime during the 23 years living here.  Guess I should practice on this before starting my cap.
In the same antique crock I found these..... Oh my word, I don't think I worked on that sweater since living in California.   It appears the back and sides are done, one sleeve done and the other sleeve started.  Then the button front sections to finish.  It must have a collar so that would need to be done too; am sure the pattern is close by.  Am not ready to tackle this so it will go in a separate tote as a well aged UFO.  

For you knitters out there, I love the way my Icelandic friend taught me to do the ribbed cuffs and waist band.  For that effect one knits and purls in the BACK of the stitch to get that nice rib and elastic effect.
Looking inside the belly of the antique crock with even more goodies stuff.  The crock was my paternal grandfather's, he and I made grape wine in that bad boy many many moons ago.
Thankfully knitting helpful aides were inside also to determine the size of those loose needles and a knitting counter to keep track of where you are.  But its only helpful IF you remember to move the peg over every row 
Also found another ball of Lopi and a packaged adjustable circular needles.
This is the inside of that Denise Knitting Needle ensemble.
Okay this is a WARNING!  Do not be sipping anything when reading beyond this paragraph.  Otherwise you will choke, spit out what's in your mouth or thru your nose.  

Ready for a belly laugh?  Before my friend Katla taught me to knit the European way I only knew how to crochet.  I was in my late 20s at the time so remember that as you continue.  At that age I was a slim perky  young woman and thought I'd crochet myself a bathing suit 😃😄😁.  Thank goodness it never got finished and it never will be.  
Right now I'm overwhelmed with the mess I've made so need to put that mess in orderly groups with like yarn but ultimately in a UFO spot.  Gather my needles and put them in their jackets, Then ya know what I'm going to do next?????   HOOK for relaxation.

Do what floats your boat, keeps your blood pressure down and makes you happy, etc.



  1. Beautiful knitting in progress. I am sure you will do fine with the cap.
    That bathing suit top, is...bright for sure. Aw, go on and finish!

  2. Woman of many talents. I’ve only ever managed to do a small knit/ purl ( spelling?) scarf. You goooo ðŸĪŠðŸĪŠðŸĪŠ

  3. wow oh wow good for your I would try those babies on!!

  4. WOW you even chose to do it in red for a hot mama. Janice

  5. I am certainly thankful for the advance warning LOL. Gave me a totally different glimpse of Mummy Dearest going to bed wrapped head to toe and then some. ;-) You put a lot of work into that sweater, I'd finish that at least (hold off on the bikini bottom until you get your rhythm back LOL). My problem is I would no longer fit into something I started that long ago. ~Robin~

  6. Wow!!,!what treasures ,,,,Those knitting needles in the CASE!!!never heard of those ,,,,
    The sweater!!!cables,,,,that's a keeper,,,and love the crocheted top,,,They were big in the seventies when I learned to crochet!! What Fun,,,,ands I am into knitting now ,,,,I did learn the twisted rib,,,,Looks so good!!!!thanks Saundra,,,,,You sometimes find goodies like this⛱at the thrift shops,,,,

  7. lol! LOOOOOVE that bathing suit top! :-)

  8. Loved reading this post ! You sure did beautiful knitting & crochet ! Funny you saved all those treasures including the bikini top !


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