Monday, January 4, 2021

Brief Break & Rain Issues

Enjoyed a brief break from the horse and scrolls rug to work on  something small.  Plans are to use this on the front door for Valentines day.  It will be in pocket form with a wool back and filled with something to be revealed later.  As you can see I utilize every left over piece of foundation I have ~ a make-do mentality.
It could also be used at Christmas with greens, holly, hooked stars, etc.  I made these to sell at craft shows and for years wished there was one left for me.  Finally decided to make that happen.  The one below is an example of what I used to make and sell.  Those I made with applique sections but this time decided to hook those spots instead.
Am sure my sweet DIL will want one so before Christmas next year will need to make another.  Maybe for hers I'll hook a star????  This is a pattern from a Kindred Spirits booklet as seen below.
The water will just not dry up.  In my research learned there was 11.4" of rain during December for this area.   Don't know how much rainfall for November but I did post photos of flooding in my yard in November.  The photo you're looking at is my neighbor's yard.  See that black circle?  There is water flowing from a yard sump pump which is overflowing and backing down MY driveway.
Here it is flowing backward down my driveway and up close you can see the ripples of water.
Then there was yet ANOTHER all night rainfall and this is the water in my neighbor's backyard.  Which soon will be pumped to the end of the road and back in my yard.  Could be the drain hole has filled in so it has  no place else to go but my driveway.  But since the guy isn't one to encounter I've notified the development management to let them talk to him.
I now have a couple mallards swimming in the back woods, they are pretty but would prefer to not have a pond back there.  Oh the joys of home ownership.  Thank goodness I've my hooking ~ but I should be spending time to organize my wool room which is in full blown chaos.



  1. Happy New Year. Hopefully your yard will start to dry out.

  2. Wow !!! All that water is crazy !!! Hope it dries up before you get even more !!!

    I decided to hook my little grand kids hand prints on a small matt ....But I think I need to hook a cute mitten for my front door too !!!

  3. that is a lot of water! Wow!
    Because I am redoing my hooking room everything is torn apart and I can't find anything but this too shall pass.

  4. I was admiring your mitten pocket, thinking, I want to make that. Then you showed the book. I have that book. Thanks!

  5. Yikes not fun having water in your drive caused by someone else. A nice hooked pocket. Cannot wait to see what you add in this one. Janice

  6. I need to do something like this for my door...Yes...use it ALLLLLL up !! :)

  7. Sweet mitten Saundra...and perfect for the front door me thinks. Schnikies....that's a lot of water! Hopefully you'll get the issue resolved...painlessly..... Do you also then have issues with water in your basement??? That's a horrible mess (take it from one who knows...way too well....) Happy first Monday of the new year.... ~Robin~

  8. Wow,,,,still water!!! We are all snow here though mild and drippy today,,,Lots of icicles,,,,
    Hope no more rain,,,,
    Sweet mitt!!!!

  9. That's some serious standing water! I hope your issue can be resolved.
    Sweet mitten!

  10. Good grief!! Hope they are able to get your neighbor to do something about the water issue. Sounds like you get enough without adding his to it!! Cute mitten. Look forward to seeing it door ready.


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