Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Thinking Beyond Horse and Scrolls

Have started thinking about what to do once Horse and Scrolls rug is hooked ~ actually there's still a bit more of whipped edge on Over the Moon yet left to do.  But binding is low on my entertainment and fun level so it will wait.

Am contemplating dusting off my knitting needles IF I can find them; the next hurdle would be if I remember how to cast on.  Not convinced it is like riding a bicycle because a couple years ago I tried casting on and had to find the 'beginner' book.  Then lost interest in learning to hook socks and stopped.  Will probably resort to those same beginner instructions if the 'like riding a bike' theory doesn't work.

I have lots of Icelandic Lopi left which I tried selling on ebay and since it didn't sell perhaps that was an omen that my knitting days weren't over. Below is a picture of the cap I think I'll attempt since I like the length.  
These caps below look nice too but I don't want to 'think' about how many rows to add to make it longer ~ just want it as simple as possible....IF that is possible since my knitting mojo may be lost somewhere.
Dang, just remembered I haven't worn my Icelandic ponchos or sweaters I knitted after having them cleaned.  Next time I go to the grocery store that is what will be on me!!!!  Wool is WARM.

Here's my Icelandic Lopi stash. The first photo has tan and grey which would be my colors to use toward my face at my age and coloring but not sure if there is enough ~ will have to check the pattern.
There's lots of darker brown but don't want those at my face but would be good for the design.
Yet there's plenty plus of the white Lopi in balls which I have posted a picture of here and have some plates which aren't pictured here.  Think those plates are meant for spinning.
Hopefully I can get a new cap knitted for myself then will try once more to sell my stash on ebay.  Once I've exhausted my last knitting experience to hopefully a successful cap, will trade in my knitting needles for the Hartman Hook again.



  1. Newburyarts...
    I have a son in law whose mother is a graduate of the Royal College of Needlework. They, and she, always advise to have a practice piece to warm up on prior to working on the actial item being made such as knitting, crewel or needlepoint.

  2. Enjoy knitting! that is my goal when I have more time.

  3. I've just started doing Oxford punch and i find the Lopi yarn works great. Actually had a hard time finding the lighter neutrals and so let me know if you want to sell your lopi stash!!

  4. As you've seen in my blog I really enjoy knitting, socks, hats, mittens. I enjoy it all. Your Lopi stash is great..and love the colors. Go ahead and give it a shot it will come back to you. The hat in the center is my favorite.
    Good luck...Donna

  5. LOL! Did you ever get your socks hooked? Hooking on the brain ;-)
    I'm sure your hat will be wonderful and know you can do it.

  6. Great yarns for a colorwork hat,,,,or so I have heard!!
    Have never done colorwork,,,yet,,,I just let the yarns ,,,,do the job!!
    Have fun,,,,

  7. I can knit a little, but have no clue what to do once I make a mistake....which I invariably do. That Icelandic knitting looks way complicated to me.

  8. Looking forward to following along on this new little journey of yours.... I really like the first hat design you chose....the length and the design. When I was young, my cousin taught me how to knit a little when he came to help on the farm when my dad got ill, but I never graduated beyond slippers. ;-) I have Lopi wool somewhere....I use(d) it for binding. ~Robin~

  9. Good luck with your knitting ...there are some good videos out there to show you how to cast on & all those details . I never got beyond knitting a scarf ! Those are beautiful hats , hope you have fun knitting !!!


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