Wednesday, April 14, 2021


You're familiar with the term 'changing of the guards' but at my house it is changing of the rugs.  This morning I changed out the rug on the harvest table and placed this on.  This one has a bit of a story behind it.  
I first fell in love with Westmoreland Ponies, a Barb Carroll design,  while at her rug camp in Ligonier.  And so I had to buy the pattern and buy wool for it while I was there.  Below if the one I saw in the Woolley Fox Cabin.
Brought the new next project home and posted about progress on my blog.  One of my followers/readers informed me they hooked it and did I know it was a free pattern insert in a 2010 issue of Rug Hooking Magazine?  HUH???  I paid for a pattern I could easily  have drawn out  myself 😀😄😂 ~ well the laugh was on me.  But at least hooking could start sooner at home by having the pattern already drawn.

Another rug change in the kitchen to the right of the table is Henny Penny, another Barb Carroll design.  BTW, the Queen tin cup was a gift from my sweet DIL.  Shortly after she and my son started dating I knew she would be a keeper, she had a great sense of humor so told her..."you may be a Princess but I will always be Queen".  We have joked with one another over the years about that.  One birthday I gave her a plastic tiara and Princesses are born in May tee shirt.
Guess I'd better run my errands before it rains AGAIN this afternoon and tomorrow.  When oh when will this water dry up which continues to stay as a moat around my property?



  1. What pretty rugs !!! Love your story about your DIL , that's too funny ! We are expecting lots of rain & even Snow !!!! We really need some rain , but not 3" !!!! Or Snow !!!

  2. You can send your rain this direction. We've had one rain since the winter storms. We are all watering around here (not the norm.)
    Love the rugs and their stories :-)

  3. Love Henny Penny rug. Great D-I-L story.

  4. Her majesty has some awesome rugs! Janice

  5. I DO remember that freebie,,,and always liked it,,,,
    Still have my magazines,,,,


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