Sunday, April 4, 2021


Happy Easter to all of you.  Below is a rug I hooked called Strawberry Patch, a Claire Murray design purchased off eBay early in my rug hooking endeavor.  It was a kit with yarn and I hooked it vs. punch.  It was the first and last all wool yarn rug I'll ever do.
And a different display showing a straw rabbit with the Brenda Gervais rug design.
This sweet bunny pin keep I made and sold back in the day when doing shows.
And let us not forget what Easter really is about....
Happy Easter.



  1. All your Easter things are beautiful ! You sure have come a long way from the Claire Murray rug !!! Hope you had a wonderful day !!!

  2. Love your bunnies and yes lets remember the reason for this Easter season. Janice

  3. I hope you had an enjoyable Easter :)

  4. I know that you didn’t enjoy the process of the Claire Murray rug, but it really is lovely. Hope you had a blessed Easter.


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