Saturday, May 1, 2021

What Time is It??

Nope, it isn't Howdy Doody Time, I'm neither Buffalo Bob nor Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring ~ are you old enough to remember that show?  I am and looked forward to it as a kid.  And if I'm not mistaken Kate Smith came on afterward and started her show with a song ♫♬🎜🎝 "When the Moon Comes over the mountain......."

First rug depicts the animal all rug hookers love, sheep.  It is also easy on the eyes; 2 sheep rug circa 1900 which measures 28 x 44.
This next one has much more color yet is small.  I named it 
Downingtown Rooster since that is where is is located.  It was hooked early 20th century and measures 21 x 22.  That background looks great and is probably a black and hound's-tooth.  Sure do LOVE that hit and miss border. 
Oh my, look at this 19th century Floral Hearth rug.  It's lovely and measures 22 x 52.
Here are two very primitive Roosters from Downingtown, PA.   It measures 31 x 45 and sorry, no date provided.
American Farmers hooked rug isn't really old enough to be in the 'public domain' category since it was hooked 1948, but thought I'd show it anyway.  It measures 39 x 85.
I'm guessing this is a Wolf, not a Dog.  A shame it is in such bad shape on the ends.  It is hooked on burlap and comes from Simcoe County, Ontario.  Probably the fact it is hooked on burlap is part of the reason for its fate.
Floral basket with great border and blotchy background.  It measures 26.5 x 36.5 and said to be hooked 20th century.
Here's my horse for the show with large border and leaves in corner.  Dimensions are 29 x 46.  I've said before that often I look at rugs and try to channel the hooker.  Notice the blotchy border and variance in color on the horse?  I wonder if she hooked a while and then stopped until she could either save up more textile similar in color or had to find textiles to do natural dying to try and get a similar shade.  You can see the center is quite soiled.
So see, if you run out of a certain wool being used in a rug, it is quite appropriate and will even add interest to your piece by using something similar in value or color.  Frankly I love antique rugs with those blotchy hooked areas.



  1. Love that sheep rug and those primitive roosters!

  2. I like the floral basket, great rugs all around

  3. My fav has to be the farm scene but they all do my heart good

  4. I like them all! You already know I like those hit-n-miss borders :-)

  5. It’s a tie for me....between the sheep and Downingtin Rooster. Love those prim roosters as well.

  6. The horse is the cats meow! The funky chickens made me laugh. I do remember all of those tv shows. Brings back so many fond memories! Janice


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