Wednesday, May 26, 2021

FIRST is MAIN COURSE then comes DESSERT, right?

Well not in this case.  I'm taking care of the main course and leaving the Canton until last, definitely not what I'd call a sweet dessert or piece of cake (referring to HOOKING that is).  Yet the stripes needed to be hooked too and gives me something to do while I decide what to hook next.
Since there was nothing new to put on my frame thought I'd get as many loops pulled on the flag as possible and straight hooking goes faster than stars and filling in random space.  Until I decide what to hook next I can finish this rug, bind the now finished Jewel Basket (which I'll post about next time), and print out/sew on rug labels (am way behind doing that).

Today the temperature was 93 degrees and the pond dismantling has begun.  The fish have been removed and in a new home with two fish-loving owners.  So two guys came today to get the fish, will come back another day to get the rocks.  Someone else wants the sandbags and the big framing.  
After 10 years of taking care of the pond by myself ~ cleaning the filtering system daily, making sure water level was okay, skimming leaves and limbs from the top it had become too much for me.  I was concerned what it would cost to have a company come in to demolish the pond or another option was to fill it in with dirt and grow something????

WTH, I don't want more stuff to take care of.  I wanted the pond gone.  
Thankfully my son has an American Legion 'good ol boy' network who are the great guys helping.  

It used to be a pretty pond and one day soon after the pond was built and I was still married, I saw a Blue Heron having a fresh fish lunch  on the side of the pond.  I sobbed and my ex built that framing you see with sections which could be removed for skimming off leaves, etc.  But somehow t
hat destroyed the beauty of the pond and it was never the same after.  Well that and mostly the divorce of over 10 years ago 😑.



  1. My neighbor had just put fish in her new pond, when woosh a heron comes in and eats all of her fish too. So glad yor son new someone to help you. Janice

  2. Slow and steady,,,,
    Less work is a good thing,,,, will be great when done!!!

  3. I'd love a pond, as in a mostly takes care of itself fishing hole pond, not one with filters and liners and lots of work. I agree that frame was well intentioned, but sort of ruined the look. I've read where some people string fishing line across to discourage the herons. Yay for DS's network helping out with removing it.

  4. Wow , your pond was pretty big & beautiful , nice you have help taking it apart & people to take your fish. Its just like tending to a swimming pool ! It's more fun to hook !!!!

  5. I'm sure some of your son's friends will be happy to use parts of your pond.
    Pretty soon you will only have the Canton left so you'd better figure out what's next up on the frame.

  6. bittersweet about the pond...but I so get it. My pool is doing a good imitation of a frog pond right now. Every day I go out and scoop out toads and frogs .and an occasional chipmunk or red squirrel so they don't drown. It's sad to look at it and think of the happier times when it was used. The flag is looking good. I am going in circles...literally...with my dang stars. I redo one and then it I need to redo another....and redoing is so much more difficult than the doing in the first place especially once the background is in. ~et~

  7. You flag is look good! and we are having a water fall installed! crazy I do not want any pond or fish we just want the sound of the water so my brother in law is going to install it. I have already told husband I will not be caring for it as it really is his deal. I have plenty of gardens keeping me busy right now I am far behind in hooking and blogging.


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