Wednesday, May 5, 2021

My Plus One

Sometimes I've worked on more than one rug at a time.  Frankly that is good so when I get bored hooking background can grab the other project and have a change of pace.  

I'm still working on Jewel Basket and will show you an update on progress in a day or two.  But yesterday afternoon I had this overwhelming urge hook something else.  Usually I vacillate between project ideas but this idea would not waver.  I knew immediately what would be on my frame next in addition to Jewel Basket.

Today after running errands and after lunch I drew out the Plus One.  That isn't the name of the rug but the name would give away my secret.

Meanwhile and to tease you here is all I've been able to accomplish on this end.  Gee, sorry if this doesn't show you much, but then I've not had time to hook much on it.
FYI, there was a piece of linen already cut and serged and since the two ends only had about a 2" margin I sewed on a piece of cotton to extend the length to grab my grippers.  Waste not want not.



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