Monday, May 17, 2021


In case you're wondering, I did reverse hook those dark curved rows in Jewel Basket and The Thin Blue Line Flag is on my frame presently.  However, hooking the Canton part of the flag is tedious and find myself walking away to take a break often.  I've hooked stars numerous times and never felt this.... but as this is a flag and not an antique adaptation or primitive design am finding it stressful.

So since this is break time thought I'd give you a rug show.  Heck, I'll take an antique rug show any day of the week.  I like this first rug of a hooked Bird with hit and miss border.  It measures 19 x 36 with no  mention of date in the auction.  But I like the action of the bird in flight and the border.
Isn't this Downingtown Chicks and Peeps rug cute??  It was said to be hooked early 20th century and measures 18 x 35.  Maybe it should be called "Pecking Order" since it seems the rooster is telling the hen to fetch him some dinner and the hen is giving orders to the peeps.  Sorry, found a little humor in the rug.  Hmm, maybe that was the purpose of the design the original hooker was trying to say.
Shirred Flowers and Urns with a double serpentine border measures 32 x 62.  No date was provided.
The neutral colored rug below I named "Lisa's Grey Horse" because it is an antique rug she wanted me to draw for her to hook.  It has all the elements I like ~ some hit and miss, blotchy background, lots of worms can be used which is great for replicating an antique rug.  I'd planned to hook it too but after working to get good dimensions from a photo at an angle was enough for me to put this one on a backburner.  After that work it felt like I'd already hooked it.
A rug named My Sacred Memories circa 1910-19 measures 27 x 38.
For the feline of the species, let's have a Tabby Cat with Apple Blossoms added to the show.  Sorry, no dimensions or date.
Now for a canine.....Recumbent Dog from Lancaster County is dated 1890 and with initials on the left of EG.
Hope you have seen something here to get your rug hooking mojo going.  I know the brief break from my rug has given me time needed away and am now ready to get back to it.



  1. Love the border on that first rug.

  2. That chick and peeps rug definitely gets my vote.

  3. It always amazes me how wonderful these old hooked rugs look. TFS Janice

  4. Ahhh, I really am liking Lisa's Grey Horse. For all the horse rugs I have fallen for, I wonder why I haven't yet hooked one. The "Sacred Memories" rug, though, really intrigues me. It makes me want to figure out why the artist chose the depictions she/he did and what, exactly, they meant to her/him. ~Robin~

  5. Great mats,,,,,
    Love the rooster and hen,,,,
    So funny,,,,,

  6. I always love seeing the old rugs. I have not been hooking much to much gardening going on right now.

  7. Or maybe the hen is telling the chicks "we'll let him think he's in charge, but he will be in the stew pot first". It is a cute rug no matter what story you put to it though.

  8. Always fun to see your rug shows ....still haven't pulled a loop in weeks

  9. Love that horse! But the one that caught my attention is the Sacred Memories - there's something about it. The blue on the right is intriguing and the background of the bird is interesting. I don't know exactly, but am sure as the name suggests, it is meaningful.


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