Monday, May 24, 2021

ISO the Right One

Once again I'm looking for the one antique which makes my heart skip a beat to put on my frame next; and what better way than to do a rug show.  The first one is 8 point Stars which was hooked 19th century and measures 38 x 48.  This doesn't make my heart skip a beat but it is a nice looking rug.
The primitive Rooster and Hearts measures 28 x 30 and comes from the estate of Alva Hood Angle.  However she wasn't the hooker as the initials MR are hidden top right just under the heart.  That is unless the Rooster's name was Mr. 😄.  Sorry, but he doesn't do it for me either.
Look at this old shirred antique mat below.  It is beautiful, old but still isn't "the one".  Click on the photo to enlarge and see more of its beauty.
Happy is the Sailors Bride measures 34.5 x 48 and owned by a private collector.  I've considered hooking a Hutchinson sailor type rug since I had a relationship with an Icelandic sea Captain.  But I wasn't a bride so  this wouldn't work.  Maybe one where the sailor has a girl at every port which may well have been the case with my fine Icelandic Captain, lol.
Believe it or not this Potted Plant hooked rug caught my attention for a certain spot on the wall near where I hook.  I recently gave my son a vintage Johnnie Walker liquor store display which had been electrified and made into a lamp.  I've had it for decades but knew it would look great in his 'man cave' .

Since I have an OTT light behind me for hooking I didn't a light on the end table using up valuable space.  So it seems bare and feel the need to have something on the wall to fill that void.  Called to asked my son to take a photo of the lamp so you could see what I gave him.  (his room is still a work in progress, notice the insulation).
This rug below might do it for the spot.  The original measures 18 x 36 and was hooked 19th Century.  I wouldn't make mine that big just want it on the wall near me and beside the window.  
Normally I choose horizontal rectangular designs for the floor and wall, but this vertical design would be great in THAT spot.  
Yet I'm looking for something that reaches out and grabs me.  So let's continue with the rug show, shall we?

Recently found on an auction site is the Deer with Pond and Scrolls.  It measures 30 x 48 and this is the faded front.
This shows the repairs on the back a well as the bold colors of the scrolls.  I suspect the rug was in an area where it received a lot of sunlight to fade the colors that much.  Would have liked to see the true colors of the deer.
I  like this Running Horse said to be  hooked in the1800's, it measures 15.5 x 24.  Might make the cut the next time.
Red Floral rug with zigzag oval band and triangle corners.  It measures 16 x 34.
Another vertical design I like is Flower with Birds hooked 1879.  Presently Kimm of Sheep Underfeet (blog) is doing an adaptation of the design.
Guess I can give you one more rug for a round number of 10 and make it a black cat.  The rug measures 23 x 37.
What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday it was 92 degrees and today it is 63.  Happy Hooking.



  1. I love the colors used in the 8 point stars. It must be terribly hot. We were up to 88 and that's bad enough. I hope you choose soon your new rug, as I enjoy seeing what you are working on.

  2. Hmmm....I'd have to say the black kitteh wins my vote this round, although I do like the sailor's bride and 8 stars too. If you''re looking for a vertical design, though, 1879 has possibilities I think. When I do that "shape," they tend to be designs that can be flipped and still read the same....more like runners I that last scroll one I did. I am sure you will come up with the perfect one soon enough and, until then, we will enjoy all the ones you've "leafed through." ~et~

  3. Decisions decisions ....I find that the hardest part , just so many neat patterns to choose from !!! Has been beautiful here yesterday & today , but tomorrow could be 90 & storms in the late afternoon ....crazy up & down temperatures !

  4. I think the eight point stars is my favorite, but the colors not so much.
    I'm sure whatever you choose will be wonderful.

  5. I am with Lauren on the eight point star. I drew a vertical pattern myself, but need to finish my animal rug before starting another one. Janice

  6. I have an idea, but my words would fumble my meaning without a pix. If you respond via email like you usually do, I will shoot back a pix and explain what's in my head (well now that sounds scary!)


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