Sunday, May 16, 2021

Patsy Becker's Jewel Basket Update

I've worked a little more on Jewel Basket and this is what it looks like now.  It doesn't appear nearly what I'd planned.  I wanted to replicate an antique rug with blocks of similar color but the curved dark area top left needs changing.  Am okay with a section of dark but don't like how that area looks.

Am sure you noticed how I've moved images around on the linen including removing some leaves and the trumpet shaped flowers.  
Plan for today was to pull more loops on the Thin Blue Line but before setting Jewel Basket aside think it  needs to be in a better position for me to want to work on it again soon.



  1. I'd say you worked more than a little. The colors are absolutely wonderful.

  2. I haven't visited blog land in a whole week ! Your Blue rug is so nice & a special tribute .You finished your Quilt & it looks beautiful !!! I think the Jewel Basket is beautiful too !!! You have been busy !!!

  3. Yeah....exactly what GT said (on both accounts). I especially love the background wool. (Something tells me you have used it before and I said the same thing??) Hope your Sunday was good to you. ~et~

  4. It's another beauty,Saundra!
    You sure do amazing work,,,


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