Thursday, May 20, 2021

Throwback Thursday - Flashback Friday

During my walk today was thinking about the old Woolley Fox times and had a couple chuckles.  Thankfully I was walking alone or others would have thought me going batty.  But before that is explained let me tell you more......

During the many years travelling to Barb's classes at Woolley Fox I was fortunate enough to stay in both the Guest House (closest to Barb's home) as well as the more spacious Woolley Cabin.  Each building was equipped with a fridge, microwave, electric tea pot, flatware and dishes.  Barb also provided each building with some eggs, muffins, coffee, tea, condiments, sodas and snacks.  There were also luxurious white robes for each of the guests to use during their stay.  Oh it was a class act.  But the cherry on top was being in a class taught by Barb.

This is the fireplace scene at the Cabin and I always wanted to hook that sheep with scarf which you see on the right of the fireplace wall.  Perhaps one day I will.
Below, do you see the door at the top of the stairs, which would be behind and to the right of the previous photo?  That is where the bolts and bolts of wool was stored for Barb.  It was a locked door and we were instructed to not go upstairs.
Well of course we wouldn't even try as we respected Barb, her rules and knew it was locked.  One night, probably my first night staying in the cottage I started a conversation after at least one glass of wine 😎.  

I wondered if there were security camera's watching us, like you'd see where kids were being tempted with cookies in a school room saying not to eat them and they would get a reward at the end.  Only to see which kid caves first, that gave me a chuckle.

Then I asked the girls if they thought there was the security camera in the eyes of that seemingly friendly 'security bear' on the steps behind the chain.  
I saved the photo in my file as "attack bear".  And no, I don't think there were any cameras in the place watching us.  Isn't he a handsome fella?
Oh but we did have some good times in both the cabin and Guest House and mostly with our classes with Barb Carroll.  I know it doesn't seem like much but revisiting my trips brought back a smile and chuckle.  Which is a good place to be with all the other crap we see around us.


Hope you can find something fun to think about or dream about to put your mind in a kinder place.  Today's chuckle was that for me as I revisited a fun time.



  1. That's fun! As many cameras as are out there anymore, it would make one wonder. I like happy goofy memories like that :-)

  2. Great memories,,,wow,,what a place,,,,

  3. Rug camps makes the best memories and laughter until you just can't breath. Good memories until we can all get to camp again.

  4. Going to Barb’s was certainly one of the biggest highlights of my hooking career. Lucky you, to have gone many times. Is she having classes in her new location?

  5. What fond memories ! You were lucky to go and have so much fun !

  6. WOW she must have had lots of wool to keep it locked. Great memories. Maybe you should ask her if there were cameras. Janice

  7. I have so many wonderful memories of camps at Barb’s & Hooking with her in her basement. One of our “thrills” was the for sure, real bear we encountered on her road when coming back from eating in Ligonier! Such fun times!

  8. Great memories MD....and what a beautiful place! I love that fireplace wall, and would love to see you hook that sheep with the scarf. It looks like something I would hook. Hmmm....Exactly what did Barb think would happen if someone did venture into "The Room at the Top of the Stairs"??? That someone would sneak up with a scissors and start pillaging the bolts?? I'm channeling the game Clue right about now LOL. Personally, I think it's where she hid the bodies of the students who misbehaved. 🤣 And you know my body would be in there because I would be the one who picked the lock and peeked LOL. They don't call me the Evil Twin for nothing you know. ~et~


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