Monday, May 3, 2021


Several years ago a turquoise and silver beaded necklace broke ~ I put the beads and pendant in a baggie but could never find it when I had an urge to repair it.  This breakage happened maybe 2 decades ago before moving here so perhaps I forgot where I placed it in the turmoil of packing.  I knew it had to be somewhere in my possessions and thought I knew where it was stored but wasn't no matter how many times returning to that same box to look.

Today while in my sewing room picking items to take to the thrift shop I saw a vintage quilted box and wondered what the heck was in it.  And there it was in all its glory and all its parts.
And this is the quilted box.  Am wondering what that vintage box was originally used for because since it held a treasure of mine I'd like to clean out the other stuff and use it.  Am wondering if it was used for hankies.  
After finding the necklace parts thought about dropping it at the jewelry store to have them repair it.  HUH?  Saundra, do you know how stupid that sounds after all the craft stuff you've done over the years????  DUH....  Am sure it would be more than $25 and I could purchase findings for much less than that.

As I was running to the grocery story anyway thought I'd check Walmart to see if they had jewelry findings.  Yupper, they did.  Not a big selection but it would work for me to immediately fix my treasure originally purchased out west during travels from the east coast to California.
And here is my newly repaired necklace.  Just after lunch it was my priority and cannot wait to wear it at rug camp in September.
The gauge wire used was probably heavier than needed but was so scared of losing my necklace to a break again that I purchased it.  Nevertheless it is wonderful to have my necklace back again.



  1. Simple yet beautiful. Back together again after all those years.

  2. how nice you could do it your self but better still that you found it. I think that box was a hankie box women used to keep their many hankies.

  3. WooHoo! on finding the necklace and getting it fixed. IF the wire ends up too heavy and stiff, check out the fishing department. It's been a while since I read beading newsgroups, but it seems to me there's a type of fishing line that is exactly the same as some fancy pricy beading wire. Yes, that is a hankie box - my sister and I each go one in the 60s. What the heck do we do with a hanky box?!?! I was probably about 8. We did you did - store all sorts of precious treasures. The closest thing to a hankie that made it into the box was tissues wrapped around a precious item. If mine was pretty like yours, I may have kept it, but no - it was ugly and off to thrift it went years ago.

  4. Wow , what a great treasure to restring & enjoy again !!!! And going to Rug Camp will be awesome !!!

  5. A wonderful necklace! So glad you looked in the box before getting rid of it. Janice

  6. What a great surprise ~ and a great story to go along with the necklace.


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