Thursday, May 13, 2021


...has made it to the end.  As you can see by the end result I sped up the process by adding wide borders vs. making more star blocks.  At least it is finished and on my bed.
This quilt was started years ago, even before I started this blog in 2011.  It was put in the attic with some cut pieces and fabric for at least 5 years.  Then when it was finally retrieved from the attic it was worked on piecemeal and thought it would never get finished.

Must admit when I was attaching the lining to the front noticed it was longer on one side than the other by about 5".  WTH?  How could that be when I had the same number of blocks on both sides and the border fabric was cut to that length???  Since it on the sides and hidden from view it stayed that way and I added more fabric for the lining to 'make it do'.

I'm quite happy to have this never ending quilt finished.  And can state on good authority..."never will I ever make another quilt!!!!!!!" 

I was going to throw out the pattern pieces but thought I'd ask if anyone is interested in my sending them to you.  If there is anyone crazy enough to want these be sure you aren't a 'no-reply blogger' or use the 'contact me' spot and the first one to respond will get them if they live in the US.



  1. WooHoo on the finished quilt! It looks good. Remember - unless someone is folding the quilt up, no one will ever know if one side is a bit longer than the other. It's amazing to think how much being a tiiiiny bit off multiplied by the number of seams adds up. But if both borders were cut the same length and they fit fine... both sides of the backing were cut the same... I got no suggestions. Unless between finishing the top and layering it up, somehow the one side got stretched out? I have one quilt needing quilting, one in process of being made, another for DS in the planning stage, all large quilts. I may start making lap size or wall hangings for a while when those are done! I totally understand your "no more!" stance.

  2. So happy the light at the end of the tunnel was not a freight.
    In spite of the error (which you could have kept a secret!), it looks great.

  3. I have never made one and will never do. Kudos to you for finishing yours and it looks lovely on your bed. Janice

  4. Looks real good on UR bed,,,,,Congratulations for sticking to it and doing it,,,,!!!

  5. Congratulations! It looks like it belongs perfectly on your bed. I commend you for your "stick-to-it-ness" and getting it completed after so long. I have several quilt projects (none even remotely as large as yours) languishing in their places of hiding and they will likely perish there. May they rest in piece(s). ~et~


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