Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The "Plus One" Project

Finally the big reveal of the rug pattern on my frame.  Even if I'd shown you the unhooked photo of the pattern it would be obvious it was a flag.  You may have thought it was the US flag until you saw the black and white hooked part.  Then you would have known immediately it was a Thin Blue Line flag.  That is why it was given the temporarily name "Plus One" until I'd had a chance to show you more of the hooked area.  

With what seems like a war on our Police throughout the United States I've been saddened with each report of an attack and angered with a senseless death.  And the recently brutal beating of Cpl. Keith Heacook just 16 miles down the road from me hit too close to home.  I didn't know him but my heart hurt just as if he was family.  

All of a sudden there was this overwhelming need to hook a Thin Blue Line flag in honor of Cpl. Keith Heacook and other officers who lost their life serving to protect the people of their community.  There's still a way to go on the rug and the Canton part will need a little TLC working around the stars.
Cpl. Keith Heacook was a 22 year veteran of the Delmar State Police, he left behind a teenage son and wife.  He was admired, respected and loved by friends, neighbors, family and even those of us who never met him. 
Rest in Peace Officer Heacook, I'm sure you will do your best to watch over the rest of the BLUE from your place in heaven.  Looking at your gentle eyes makes me want to cry all over again.  God Bless You and God Bless all other Police Officers who serve to protect us.

Readers of this blog, look at his eyes again.  BTW, after his death a person who had been arrested by Officer Heacook years ago called the local radio station and said he had deserved to be arrested and that Officer Heacook was respectful and kind.  I believe he said more wonderful things about him but cannot recall exactly.



  1. Because of the few bad police they have been painted with a the same wide swath. I have 2 cousins in the State Police in Maine they are worried about every day they go out.

  2. Absolutely heartbreaking what happened to Officer Heacook. My heart aches for his family. And people want to defund the police? I just can't comprehend. I had no idea that happened so close to you. May he rest in peace and may the person(s) responsible rot in hell.
    The flag is a beautiful tribute. Have you thought of maybe offering it to the family?

  3. Thank you for remembering all of these officers who put their lives on the line daily. Blake had 29 years of service in law enforcement, and I worked with officers throughout my career. They do not deserve the disrespect they are getting. For the most part they are honorable servants of their communities.

  4. What a great tribute, Saundra. Like Lauren, I had no idea this happened so close to you. Terrifying. Being in law, I have worked with law enforcement in some fashion or another for many, many, years. It is tragic that their profession is being brutalized and demeaned the way it is. Unless things turn around quickly, they won't have to worry about defunding the police as there will be no one willing to go into the profession. And kudos to you for taking on hooking all those damn stars. A project I started has stars too and you think out of 13 of them I'd manage to get at least two the same. Well, you'd be thinking wrong. ~et~

  5. A great tribute! Police officers are so getting a bad rap lately. I know there are bad ones, but the good ones are getting the shaft too. So sad our country has come to this. Janice


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