Tuesday, July 6, 2021


After the violent murder of Cpl. Keith Heacook of the Delmar, DE Police Dept. I had an overwhelming drive to hook this rug in his honor and other Officers who have lost their lives by evil individuals.  I didn't know Cpl. Heacook but when an Officer is murdered just miles from your home you feel like it happened to family.   Rest in Peace Cpl. Heacook, you are loved and respected by many.
Today I pulled the last few loops in the Canton area of the flag and it will soon be bound.   I'm sure there is someone out there whose name starts with R who is eyeing those stars and thinking she'd re-hook them.  Well dear R I'm not rehooking, and I'm okay with it 😘.

This afternoon when I walked to get my mail (a mile round trip) I was struggling as there wasn't a breeze even in the shady part of the walk.  It is going to be as hot, humid and with unsafe air again tomorrow so will not walk to get the mail.  



  1. It was so hot and humid out today, truly not for man, woman or beast. Love your finished rug and the stars are fine. Dont think I would even try to attempt them. We all need to support our police. They dont even get paid enough to sacrifice their lives to keep us all safe Such a shame they are being attacked now. Janice

  2. Your rug is a great tribute to the fallen officers who have died in the line of duty. It's so sad that some evil people would kill someone who spend his life protecting people. They really deserve to be paid top wages. They are needed just as much as doctors and lawyers.

    The stars are actually cute and adds charm to the rug.

    Hope you get a breeze at least tomorrow. Stay cool and hydrated. I add a bit of lemon juice to the water to help me drink more on hot days.


  3. Your rug turned out great! We've had upper 90's and triple digits for 2-3 weeks so far and the foreseeable forecast. No messin' around with that - be careful.

  4. Your rug is a wonderful tribute to those in blue. We were not super hot but so humid yesterday give me fall weather year around I would be very happy.

  5. Wonderful mat and tribute!!!
    It was awful yesterday!!!cooling off abit now,,,,fog,,rain and seems😍a different air!!!thank goodness,,
    We don't have air conditioning!!!

  6. What a beautiful rug!I love those stars. Stars are hard any time that and letters. It was a nice cool 100 yesterday and today, then we jump to 113-115 for the rest of the weekend. I would still take that over humidity.
    That is so much hotter I think.
    I hope you have a lovely day.

  7. I think the stars are fine. Unless you changed to thinner wool, how would you get them more uniform shapes? Poke and fuss at the loops? But wouldn't moving the rug make them shift again?

  8. Your Flag came out beautiful ! Love the stars !!!
    It has been so hot & humid here in New England and we have had so much rain....The weeds are over taking the gardens & the bugs are wicked !
    I hate to say it , but I am looking forward to Fall already !

  9. A beautiful tribute. Congrats on your finish. I hate this weather. The air is so thick and humid you could cut it with a knife. Have to say, though, our garden is loving it…..as are the weeds.

  10. Such a meaningful tribute and a beautiful rug. God Bless You, Hugs Kat


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