Sunday, September 12, 2021


There were 15 rugs and mats finished during 2020.  First one was a Cushing pattern of a Winter Sled.  Cathy of Acorn Hollow hooked one and posted it on her blog and loved it.  As luck would have it she was given another in a swap and I was fortunate to receive it in a giveaway ~ thanks Cathy.
Since Valentines Day would be the next holiday decided to purchase and Hook Heart Butter Mold pdf pattern from Primitive Heartstrings
Always too many rugs on my to do list and finally drew out the Lancaster Barnyard pdf by Lori Brechlin.
The next pattern I drew was Posies and Stars antique adaptation and this still makes my heart skip a beat.  Must be that border which does it and will take this one for the rug show.
Like many of you I receive daily updates from Lisanne of W. Cushing and as soon as my eyes feasted on Windy Day immediately placed an order for it.  After all I'd just gone thru the March winds and figured this would be a great table piece each windy season.
On my blog I invited readers to join me with a Cat's Paw playtime and had two people join me (Lauren and Elaine).  This is my mat.
Early Bird, a Lori Brechlin design by Spruce Ridge Studios was the next pattern on my frame.  Often I will tweak a design to make it more 'me' so this one has a border all the way around, not just on the top and bottom.  I know the worms were a border of sorts but wanted it to look framed.
Yup, another antique adaptation, I named it Bespectacled Lion because the lion appeared to be wearing glasses.
And.....another antique which I named Pride, Honor, Freedom.  The first block of the triptych design represents Pride in the US, the middle reminded me of fireworks honoring our military and celebrating patriotic holidays.  The third block with the Eagle and Shield represents Freedom.  

The Charters of Freedom are group of three documents which protects our freedom:  The Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The framers of our Country were ever thoughtful of citizens at the time.  Tho they did their best to protect us from tyranny little did they know what has transpired since.
Knew Jack's Crow was a no-brainer to hook when I saw it as it is a cutie.  It was purchased  from Terri Lemer of Winter Cottage Studios, you can get yours HERE.  I purchased the pdf and just might hook another later.
Another pattern designed by Lori Brechlin and sold by Spruce Ridge Studios was Old Tom.  Guess you might say I hooked it twice because after hooking it didn't like the too bright colored wool I chose for Tom.  This is what it looked like after reverse hooking and hooking again.
Yet another Lori and Kris offering I chose to hook Merrie October 31st.
The Woolly Santa pattern by Karen Kahle had been in my stash for several years and finally decided to hook it.   Again using my tweaking powers 😏 made my Santa without a sack in front.  Instead he was holding the smaller lamb in his arms instead of it appearing as tho it was popping out of the sack.
Another pattern once seen just had to be mine was New Year's Eve.  It's from the artwork of Lindsay Bowles and pattern by The Wool Farm.  Frankly I'm considering removing the button clock and pulling wool from that area so I can hook the actual clock which was intended to be hooked.
Blogger friend Cathy of Acorn Hollow also hooked it and she did hook the clock.  This is a photo before she was finished and it has so many things that I like more than mine...oh well.  Good job Cathy!!!!!!
The final rug finished in 2020 was Over the Moon, from the artwork of PJ Rankin and pattern by Spruce Ridge Studio.
So there you have the 15 patterns I hooked during the pandemic lockdown.  I  mean,  there was nothing else to do but hook and eat 😁.  Well guess I could have cleaned my house but who would want to do that when they can play with wool?

Today's chore is cutting grass and it just might be the last time it will need cutting this year...if I'm lucky.  The weather is changing and so is the growing cycle.



  1. Wow! That's a lot of hoops pulled in 2020...

    I only know of one other person who hooks an abundance of rugs in a year and that's Diane Fitzpatrick of Amherst Nova Scotia. She is a virtual hooking machine.

    Our lawn is still growing way too fast for me. I just turn around and it's already time to cut it again. It's supposed to rain again this afternoon. The sky is already overcast.

    Take care.

  2. Oh Love seeing your hooking show from 2020 !!! I have a few of these on my To-Do list too !!!!
    The cooler days have just felt so refreshing !!!! I don't want anymore Hot & Humid Days & I want the Mosquitoes to disappear !!!!

  3. need to stop putting us all to
    Must say, Posies and Stars is by far my favorite.

  4. I gotta definitely live to hook. I have several favorites in this showing: Julie's heart butter mold, Lori's Early Bird, and Jack's Crow are all on the top of the list...probably because I have those patterns waiting for me.... But I also love Lori's Merrie October 31, Windy Day and Over the Moon. Right there would be a lifetime of hooking for me. ~Robin~

  5. Wow! Love them all!!!
    Must get my needle punch version of merrier October out,,,,love it,,,,Great year ,Saundra!,,

  6. I have Julie's butter mold pattern myself and have not started. Loved looking back at all of your hooked rugs. I worked at home during the pandemic, so no fun for me playing in wool. Janice


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