Sunday, November 28, 2021

Antique Rug Show

Since there isn't much progress to show on the horse or anything else new to report here is a rug show to please us all.  First is Dueling Roosters circa 1920-40 and measures 19.5 x 34.5.
This rug was also up for sale  and wonder if you Canadians know anything about him.  Seems that since Dr. Drummond's Home was hooked he must have some significant standing.  The rug measures 19 x 40 and Canadian made.
A view of the back and you can see there was some fading.
Noble Dog must be a Hutchinson rug and unfortunately I have no date or dimensions.
Big cat small tree and house.  Sorry, no date or dimensions provided.
Hunter with rifle measures 22.5 x 61 and was hooked early 20th century.  Notice the rifle is as long as he is tall.  But then primitive folk art has cats as big as houses and those little things make the rug more endearing.

The auction house said this rug was 2 cats; but is it?  Or is it a cat and dog or 2 dogs?  Regardless, it measures  29 x 56.5 and hooked late 19th  or early 20th century.
 Below is a close up of the one on the right side.
Here is a busy rug with birds, dogs and flowers with fan border.  Said to be hooked late 19th or early 20th century using cotton on burlap 28 x 73.
A farm scene measuring 39 x 72 is a lovely rug with lots of detail; except I have no date.
A photo of the back and not sure why that cloth is attached to the binding.
A view of the ducks in the lower right side.
Temps are supposed to be around 57 degrees today so will go outside and pick up limbs which fell from the hard winds and clean up more leaves.  I know that I live in the wooded area but OMG I think the neighbors' leaves are coming in my yard too.  

Also plan to draw out my next pattern but still haven't finished hooking the horse.



  1. I have no idea who Dr. Drummond was but like you said, he must have been an important person.
    I love the roosters rugs for some reason but would like a little more clearance for the heads.

    I love that St Bernard dog rug. Everything is so well balanced and it's definitely a dog on the right. The cat's lower back is well rounded and the cloth attached to the back of the duck rug must have has some kind of table cloth attached to the back to drape around a table or bench. Who knows?
    Thanks for the interesting rug show.

    Sunny and cold here and icy patches in some parking lots.
    Enjoy the nice weather.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Oops, should be rooster rug.

  3. I like that busy rug and would like it even better without the scalloped border!
    The sun is finally shining here, but it is darn cold. Thankfully most of last eve's snow has melted.

  4. I love your rug shows love the busy rug. We are cold so the walk was brisk this morning. Oh well winter is here.

  5. Is that a candle between the two cats/dogs? I love the farm scene. I think I like it when there is that narrow outline on some of the figures.

  6. Well, no question here... I, of course, love the two cats (?) rug... I agree, a strong argument can be made that the one on the right is canine...but, then again, I have a cat that has strangely and unusually big and pointed ears so who knows. A curious mystery. And I also find the verbiage on the St. Bernard dog somewhat puzzling. I may be dense and totally missing something, but why would he lead you to a monastery?? Gonna have to think on it a bit LOL... Snow on the menu for mañana. ~Robin~

  7. Love the roosters,,,and the cat one,,,,,Don't know anything about the Canadian mats,,,no help here!!!

  8. We have one tree in our small yard and it is full of neighbors leaves. Ours never lost its leaves yet. We just mulch them in using the lawn mower. It is good for the grass here. Temps in the 30's here with more snow on the way. I like the colors of the busy rug, but yes it is very busy indeed. Also like the chicken one too! TFS Janice


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