Monday, November 22, 2021

Finally Bound and Happy

Push come to shove Margaret Shaw's pattern Stacked Birds is finally bound with a whipped edge and label attached.  As I'm getting close to finishing the horse antique adaptation and wanting to draw my next one that's when push came to shove.  If you are interested in purchasing this pattern you would need to request it as it is not listed among her designs.  You can find her web site HERE.
Matter of fact I like it now.  Perhaps the recent hanging of rugs in the house reminded me of the other colorful rugs I've hooked.  Here are just a few which I see daily.  On the cedar chest at the end of my bed is this rug which I hooked 2004 called Humble Beginnings.  
One recent rug hung in the kitchen is the Simple Gifts designed by Karen Kahle and hooked in a Barb Carroll class.   
And to the right of that I hung OH Glorious day by Lori Brechlin and hooked in Kris Miller's class.
Below is a Bev Conway Speckled Hens design and the hens were sitting on one large egg except I wanted them on straw.  This is still in my kitchen at the back French doors.
Hanging in the living room is Long Island Farmhouse by Lucille Festa.
Pineapple and Flower used to be on the floor in the kitchen but retired it with another rug.  It is a Bev Conway design which I hooked in her class.
There's also the Wee Folk design I've loved forever and hangs on the wall over my bed now but photo was taken on the floor in the kitchen before hanging it.
So you can see a theme here...suffice it to say that I do like some color but have an affection for antique adaptations too.  Perhaps I was in need of an antique rug fix while struggling on what colors to choose for each of those multi-colored circles and was wanting a change.  

So I will not be giving Stacked Birds a wash of walnut dye as I love it just as it is and very glad it is bound.  Haven't decided where to hang it yet as it needs to make it in the show next September at Cape May.



  1. Your stack of birds looks real good and doesn't look too bright at all.

    I think that taste for color can change with the season. I like warmer colors when it looks dreary outside so having color in the house this time of year is good for moral. You sure have a lot of rugs.


  2. I love the color of that rug is just looks perfect to me.

  3. Love all UR mats!!!!
    The stack of birds ,,,is so great!!!

  4. Your birds look great & love the colors ....all your rugs look pretty together !
    Must feel so good to have it all bound & ready to hang !!!
    What is your next project ????

  5. Stacked birds is a very sweet finish!

  6. Just a test comment to see if my computer is still not playing nicely ;-(

  7. Love stacked birds and those animals on bikes. Please share how you walnut stain your rugs please in a post some time. Thanks.

  8. You, my friend, have hooked more rugs than I could even dream of (and I'm a pretty good dreamer LOL). I really love stacked birds and love it more each time I see it. Hate to say I told ya so...but I think I did ha ha.... ~et~


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