Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Woe Is Me

Didn't sleep well last night despite my working outside during the day.  After getting up for my normal bathroom trip and returning to bed just couldn't shut off my brain.  So lack of sleep and disappointing outside work today is disheartening.  I'd planned to dig up what I thought was the last corner of Daylilies only to realize I'd forgotten the other corner.  So there are more daylilies and other flowers to transplant.

While working to pull out the ground cover and other pond plants toward that corner I unearthed a whole wheelbarrow full of rocks.  Which means those corner flowers still need to be dug up.  These are the rocks which were buried under the ground cover and is the 30th wheelbarrow load with still those 3 huge heavy ones I can't lift.
This what the pallets look like now.
  If you look at the top of the left pallet you will see what looks like the tail of an alligator ~ no we don't have alligators in Delaware it was a pond thing we bought years ago and sadly the the front section of it decomposed during the years of hot, cold and other abuse.
Tomorrow is the last good weather day with rain coming on Friday.  Embarrassed to say this but I'm looking forward to the rain to have an excuse to not work outside and not feel guilty.

Guess I've held out long enough and will show you the pittance of progress on my horse rug.  This evening I also did a little whipping on the edge of the Standing Birds.  
A special THANKS to the gals who sent me a great email about the Granny Donaldson blog post they enjoyed.  I responded to all except Linda who is a No-Reply blogger.  But Linda thanks for being a follower and only wish I was able to thank you personally.

Okay kids, am thinking I'll sleep well tonight since I'm so tired right now and never take naps ~ unless I'm sick.

Happy Hooking.



  1. Sigh...what a beautiful stone wall that would make! LOL about the alligator tail...Love it! We, too, are at the end of our borrowed bit of pleasant's already turned considerably cooler...and has just started to rain... That will become snow by the end of the week. So...if you (and GT for that matter) keep "transplanting" all these day lilies...won't you just be compounding your work by expanding your patches of day lilies which, in turn, will expand to even more day lilies in years to come?? I have I believe 9 day lilies along my back pathway... There were 9 when they were planted, and there's still only 9...with no thinning or transplanting involved LOL. Horsey is looking great!! You and GT whine about minimal, I will just stick to wine. ~Robin~

  2. Well your rug progress is doing a lot better than mine is. Hope you get some good nights rest. Janice

  3. That's a lot of rocks! Hope you sleep better tonight.

  4. At your age, you shouldn't feel guilty to not getting it all done. I never finished digging up the day lilies in that long bed but I dug quite a few and gave them away. I want to get rid of some more but it's getting late in the season. It rained today so my yard work is still not all finished.

    I hope that you're sleeping well tonight.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Wow!!!
    Take care,,,,Can't imagine doing that!!
    Love UR Mat,,,
    We have cold east winds this morning,,,,and rain,,Yuccy,,,,
    Hope u sleep,,,,

  6. You have been so busy I hope someone takes your rocks such a nice pile of them.
    I hate when I don't sleep well which is most nights ugg.
    I love your rug as always.

  7. Wow ....lots of rocks ...they do look nice though ....
    I have those sleepless nights and they are just awful ....even with all the work we do in a day , it's just crazy that happens to us .
    Your rug looks great !!!!


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