Tuesday, November 2, 2021

What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday was sunny and cool and after a while working outside had to take off my sweatshirt.  Upon coming in the house in the afternoon was comfortable with just the long sleeve tee shirt.  Today I didn't work outside and was very chilled inside with a shirt and sweater.  So this afternoon I broke down and turned the heat on when the house temperature got to 61 degrees.  Don't laugh but my heat is set at 63; yeah I hear ya'll laughing and its funny to me too.  What a difference a couple degrees of warmth will do too.

It was in the 40's outside today and then it turned to rain so no outside work was done and I'm thankful for that as I was able to pull a few loops and have a little something to show you.
A friend told me she already has snow dropping on her part of the world, won't give her name so she can do her weather report and any other stuff she has to share.  Cannot imagine having snow yet, OMG I'm NOT ready for that as there's more of the pond to dispose of.

Guess it is almost time for me to start wearing turtleneck sweaters under sweatshirts again ~ that is how I stay warm in a house with the thermostat only set at 63.

Tomorrow's weather will be better so am hoping to get the last of the rocks I can lift hauled to the pallets.  If lucky I'll also get the day lilies transplanted before it is too too late.



  1. The horse is looking good. We are comfortable here, still. Long sleeved shirts at the most.

  2. Love ,love ur Mat! Looks amazing,,,,
    We had our first snow Yesterday! A winter Wonderland,,,and more last night,,,very cool here ,,Just at freezing,,,
    We have old farmhouse,so never very warm,,,but fire has been on alot,,,
    Have a great day

  3. WE are 28 this morning, still no snow which is fine by me. You have been busy. We have a woodstove and when husband gets it going you sit around in your bathing suit I hate to be hot so it is the one argument we have mostly all winter lol.

  4. I'm not ready for the snow but I have my winter tires on. What I mean is i want to skip winter but I know it's impossible.

    My husband light both wood stoves and like Cathy's husband, my husband like the house hot which is too hot for me. At least, the power bill is kept as low as possible.

    Your horse rug is coming along just beautifully. It's sunny here and I hope it's sunny at your place so you can get the big outdoor job finish.

    Take care,
    Hugs, Julia

  5. I have already gotten out the turtlenecks. I am such a freeze baby, I could never have my house that cold other than at night (and then I sleep under an electric blanket). I would take out a loan if necessary...lol!
    Rug is really coming along great!!!

  6. Remind me to wear 3 sets of long johns (instead of 2) if I ever come to visit you. BRRRRR.... I am ALWAYS cold...Thermostat is set at 71, I have long johns (top and bottom), jeans, wool socks, and a flannel hoodie and will be starting the fireplace shortly. And, yes...we've had snow. Looking like it could do it again it is dark and gray out there. And to think we have 5+ more months of this to go.... GAH! ~Robin~ (And you made a lot of progress on the horse!! Hope you're liking it better...)

  7. I know exactly what you mean about a couple degrees. And, OOOooohh, the horse is looking great! That background makes the horse sorta pop - nice.

  8. Oh I am not ready for Winter , snow & freezing cold .....it has been chilly here & I am wearing my turtle necks & socks & polar fleece too ....walking in the mornings has felt nice & brisk & makes me move faster !!! This weekend could be 60 degrees !!!
    Love the colors in your rug !!!


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