Monday, November 1, 2021

First Antique Rug Show of November

November 1st already ~ whew but the year has flown by.  Now time for another rug show as I've collected many on my flash drive which you've not seen yet.  Most of the rug photos recently acquired were from the Collection of Barbara and Charlie Hunter of Staunton, VA.  The first one is a Horse, Dog, Heart and bird with a sawtooth border.  It measures  34 x 37 and was hooked late 19th or early 20th century.

When taking classes with Barb Carrol, she might suggest hooking an odd out of place strip of wool somewhere.  That is what gives a rug an antique look because back in the day they ran out of the same color and had to make do.  Notice the black strips hooked in various places, or the pink in some of the triangles or the blue in the grey.  You get my drift.
Landscape with Ducks flying over a house and wonder if the dog was coming back home after chasing the ducks as it appears the dog's tongue is hanging out.  Rug measures 32 x 54.
Big Bird Small Dog.  There are two dates in the rug.  Wonder if she started hooking it in 1888 and 1894 when it was near completion.  No dimensions on this, sorry.
Cat with a ball of yarn and was hooked with yarn.  Dimensions are 26 x 32.5.
Big Dog with stars was said to be attributed to Magdalena.  Perhaps the reclining dog style is but you have seen the reclining cat and dogs in other antique rugs and I do not consider this a Magdalena rug JMHO.  The piece measures 33.5 x 44 I've forwarded the link to friend Evelyn to get her thoughts on if this is a yah or nay as a Magdalena.
General Robert E Lee with his horse Traveller measures 21 x 30.  An interesting documentation that goes with that rug is that "it was purchased in 1930 from woman who lived on a farm near Lynchburg W. Virginia who hooked the rug.
Here is a close up of the General's face and I find it interesting that she used sheep wool roving for his hair and facial hair.  She did a great job and a shame it is damaged.  But it also looks like she used a stocking for the face and perhaps even stuffed it with some of that same wool roving.  Very moving piece of art.
Another rug in Hutchinson style is Fisherman's Luck.  Said to be hooked 1910 and measures 36 x 46.
Love it when the auction site shows a photo of the back of the rug to see the true colors.  But then most times the frail antiques have been tacked to a fabric and the mounted on frames to keep them from falling apart.
Stars and shields had a date of1898 and measures 34 x 45.
This is a close up of the hooked date so you can see how it was hooked.
That's it for me tonight.  As you might imagine I worked digging out rocks and hauling them from the back pond to the front and so far have made 27 loads and more needs to be hauled.  Some are so big and heavy that I can't even lift and put them in the wheelbarrow so will have my son do it later.

Which means very little hooking has been happening and moi isn't happy about that.  But as the old farm saying goes..."make hay while the sun shines" and it is November 1st ya know.  So weather permitting I'll be back at it again tomorrow.

Hope you rug hooking pals have been enjoying more rug hooking success than me.



  1. Thanks for the great antique rug show. My favorite ones are The Landscape with Ducks Flying and the Big Bird and Little dog.

    That was a bigger job than I had thought. 27 wheelbarrow loads and still more to haul. I hope the weather holds out so you can finish the job.
    It must be near the end.

    Take care,
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Another fun show Saundra....My favorites are Big Bird/Small Dog and Big Dog/Stars.... I am absolutely in love with the big bird! Not necessarily the rest of it, but that glorious bird makes up for the rest of it. Looks like it is in incredible shape yet. You will really enjoy and appreciate your hooking time when you reclaim it. It snowed here today. Boo. ~Robin~

  3. Another great show! And oh my, 27 loads. Are your arms feeling like noodles yet?

  4. Wow!, big Bird, small dog looks Amazing! Like new ,colors so Fresh!

  5. great rugs as always. I have tried to hook the 10 minutes a day as I have so much else going on. I walked and then cleaned the yard yesterday of all the little things I like to put in the gardens each year. Please don't hurt yourself lifting all that heavy rock but I am sure you will be glad to have it done.

  6. Another great rug show !!!! Robert E Lee's face looks amazing !
    Good luck with those rocks ! Hope the end is near , you need to Hook !!!!

  7. General Lee is amazing, and I love the patriotic one as well. Take care of your back!!

  8. My favs are the stars and shields and the first one with the horse and dog. Makes sense why there are odd colors mixed in antique rugs. Thanks for sharing that tidbit. Janice

  9. Big Bird Small Dog does not look like an old rug to me. Way to vibrant.
    The patriotic rug is very cool!


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