Saturday, November 6, 2021

Misc. Chit Chat

 A little work never hurt anybody but a little play is way more fun.  From around the pond I removed and transplanted daylilies but there are more daylilies and other flowers which need to be transplanted.

Also carried 2 wheelbarrows full of leaves to the back where the ground is low and flooding occurs after too much rain.  When those leaves decompose they become dirt and gives me a place to dispose of them.

I haven't pulled a loop on the horse rug today....yet.  But did hook that top for Shadow's ashes.  Since her ashes didn't come in a nice box and the white crematory box with her and my name was sad, decided to hook a box with her name and paw prints on the other sides.  As mentioned in a previous post each time I walked by it the sad view of the top gave me bad memories.  
So today I hooked a small square from a piece of scrap linen and placed it on top.  Matter of fact it was from a Woolley Fox pattern purchased from Barb so brought back fond memories.  I save the big scraps for things like this or to add to another piece of linen to fit the frame.
Now it looks better and I'm happier.  The bear I made for me from my grandmother's mink coat.   
But first I made this jointed bear for my  mother.  Mom-mom was in the Navy and pop-pop in the Coast Guard.  I've seen photos of them in uniform but don't remember their service, perhaps I was too young then.  If you look on the bear you can see a USN charm.  
Well, think it is about time for moi to play with wool and have a glass of cabernet sauvignon 🍷. Happy hooking.



  1. You are a woman of many, many, talents my friend. I have never hooked a box...but I can actually visualize how it could be done (an awesome feat for someone who has no visualization skills)....and, yes, looks much better with the top. Love the bears...I've made jointed mohair bears (in fact, I have 1 or 2 I started and never finished) and know how difficult it is to work with mohair...I can only imagine that the mink coat would be even more difficult. Enjoy that cab.... ~Robin~

  2. I agree, the box looks much better with a cover. When I was in the ceramic business, I poured so many urns with covers for pet ashes. One customer finished them for the pet funeral home.

    Your fur bears are awesome. I made several fur bears and gave them away. My last one was made of mink and I broke my sewing machine and never finished it. The head is finished but I never got back to it. Life got too busy and it still sit hidden in my craft closet.

    Hugs, Julia

  3. Great idea,,,,Have done a brick Cover! Enjoy the fall weather,,,
    Our snow has Melted! Getting a few nice days ,,,

  4. Your Bears are Beautiful & Love your Hooked Box for your beloved Pup ....what a nice idea ! A nice big hug surrounds him ! The little stuffed Pup looks great too !

    Well you sure deserve that bottle of Cabernet after all that hard work you have done !!! Enjoy & sit back & relax !!!!

  5. That jointed bear made for your mom holds so many memories. Did your mom serve during WWII?
    You are just too stinkin' talented!!!

  6. Wow you have many talents! you have kept yourself very busy this fall

  7. What a nice memory bear you created! Shadow's box is now perfect. Great job. Janice


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