Friday, November 26, 2021

Still Celebrating

Yesterday was a 'winner winner turkey dinner' day for a few reasons.  As my wonderful DIL wasn’t feeling well a couple days ago and had no taste I decided to not visit my son yesterday.  Plus her family from PA came to visit and didn’t want to expose myself to a group of people in close quarters.  My grandson delivered my turkey and all the sides to me and I sent him on his way taking a pumpkin pie I'd cooked for them.    There was plenty and even enough for my lunch today.

I have absolutely no idea why my print is so erratic.

The best thing is both pallets of rocks were sold!!!!!!!!!!  Word got around the neighborhood that I had rocks that I was going to sell and a neighbor wanted to put in a rock walkway.  The driver of the 4-wheeler is Justin (buyer) and the one in the back is Chris, another neighbor helping.
One pallet leaving.
And the second one almost out of sight ~ good riddance and my work was profitable.  Was told a pallet of those rocks would be approximately $350 per pallet.  I asked the neighbor (the other neighbor not the buyer) if $150 per pallet would be a fair price.  He said it was very fair so I've $300 extra in my pocket.
The cherry on top is that Chris wants the landscaping wood for his back yard near the stream which runs around our development.  Naturally he can have those for free for the takeaway.  He may even want those sandbags which are sandwiched between the heavy liner and wood framing.  This is a picture taken before digging out all the plants.
So yes, I'm still celebrating.  This afternoon my son is bringing me all the turkey leftovers (dark meat and bones) and I'll make some turkey stew one day soon and freeze some goodies for soup for another time.  A winner winner turkey dinner indeed.

This morning I hung another rug on the wall.  It is the rug to the far right and in order to hang it had to  move that TV gently to get back there with the stool.
If you can't see it, here it is again.  Brave Hunter an antique adaptation I purchased from Woolley Fox when Barb owned it and hooked it in her class in 2010.
My belly is telling me it's hungry so getting ready to heat up more leftover turkey.  TaTa.

Happy Hooking.



  1. How appropriate that you sold your rocks and a neighbour bought it. Now they are gone and all your hard work paid off. I love turkey soup or any kind of soup for that matter. It's raining here and cold, so a soup is a great idea.
    You have a lot to be thankful for.

    Stay safe and warm.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. So happy you had a home cooked turkey dinner.
    Very cool that you easily sold the pallets of rocks. $300 will buy lots of!
    Happy day after...

  3. Good news all around! some money in your pocket and happy neighbors. And turkey yummm

  4. Yay on the sale of the rocks!! And the removal-to-be of the lumber. You had to rub the turkey thing in didn't ya??? Sigh. ~Robin~

  5. YAY glad turkey was a winner! Also glad your hard work removing those rocks paid off for you. Janice

  6. Glad u got some turkey and leftovers for SOUP!,,perfect,,,,,Don't blame you not going,,,,
    Love UR room with the mats on WALL!!!
    Great u sold🏔🌐UR rocks!!!!

  7. What a lot to be thankful for!!! Glad it was such a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. What a Happy Thanksgiving you had !!! Dinner , getting rid of all those rocks & a pocket full of money !!!! Happy Dance Time !!!! Yay !!!!


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