Monday, November 15, 2021

What if I Choose a Magdalena Design Next

While I've hooked several Magdalena rugs there are still some which interest me and would be happy to hook if not a Granny Donaldson design as mentioned in a previous post.

One I love but which is way too big for me to consider is this Magdalena animal 
Menagerie.  It measures 45 x 115 circa 1890.
Also like Two Crows Two horses which measures 46 x 50.
Primitive Double Horses below measures 24.5 x 45 and appeals to me more than the horse rug above.
With a lighter or maybe faded background is Dog, Cats, Birds and Turtle measuring 45.5 x 52.  
Another one of interest is Dog, feathered friends and turtle, hmm maybe I prefer this one to the one above.  Size is unknown.
Bird Dog with Crows is the one so far which is calling my name and measures 37.5 x 50.  Of course no way mine would be that big.  The picture is poor because it is a photo of a photo which was printed in a booklet.
Magdalena hooked this rug twice (see above) and you can see the differences plus this size of this one is 36 x 42.  Called the Great-great-great Granddaughter's Rug it was found 2006 in grandma's basement in the bottom of a wooden crate under Magdalena's quilts.
There are many other Magdalena rugs but some of them I've already hooked and a few I don't really interest me.  Since I'm near the end of hooking the horse I need to hurry and finish whipping the edge on Standing Birds.  Sure don't want a pile of rugs needed binding accumulating on the side lines before starting something new.

That last and final corner of the pond has been cleaned out and found 10 more rocks hidden under the ground cover the last couple days.  What I am salvaging are these tubers which started out as a volunteer dainty Iris of unknown origin but it had a nice blue flower.  Hope they can survive in the garage during the winter and if not guess I should give them away.  It's getting quite chilly and windy and can feel the joints in my knees grinding on one another and they hurt.
Am happy to be free of the burden of the pond, or at least the part I could control a little at a time.  No way I could possibly dismantle the wood framing as it needs a crowbar at the very least and more muscle than I'm capable of.   Meanwhile I'll enjoy hooking and will even enjoy whipping the edge vs. work outside in the cold.

Happy hooking.



  1. Too many decisions , so many pretty designs to choose from. Big rugs scare me !!! Hope you can leave the pond til next year in the Spring time !!! It's more fun hooking than all the aches & pains !!! LOL !!!

  2. I am sure which ever you choose it will be wonderful!

  3. They all look complicated to hook. Magdalena sure loved her farm animals. Did she only hooked animals?
    I'm looking forward to see which one you'll chose. You always do a great job on the ones you chose.

    Why don'y you just bury the irises roots and dig them back up in the spring and plant them as soon as the soil is workable. Irises are pretty hardy.


  4. Well, it would be an easy decision for me....Dog/Feathered Friends/Turtle. Guess I like the "quieter" background and colors. I also like the double horses....but seeing as you've just done/are doing a horsey rug...I vot for the dog. Wish we were closer...I'd take a few of those irises off your hands....but just a few. ;-) ~Robin~

  5. Rather than hook a copy of the first rug, why not pick your 3-4 favorite animals and make a smaller one? But I guess then it wouldn't be the rug you love any more. I love the eagle in it.

    I'd stick those iris roots in the ground for winter like Julia said. Or if that's not doable, a bucket or pot with dirt. Something to keep them from drying out. Trim the leaves back a bit perhaps. That's a good job done to have the last bit of the pond cleaned out. I bet you are as happy (maybe even more?) as you were when the pond was finished getting put in!

  6. Love that mats!!!sounds like u have done all u could outside,,,,
    More S here now,,,,,
    Take care

  7. Did Magdalena ever hook anything smallish?
    Hopefully your son will come finish the pond demo soon.


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