Thursday, November 18, 2021

Updates on Stuff

Here is an update on the horse pattern which I named Lisa's Horse.  When Lisa Halverson sent me a photo and asked me to draw a pattern for her this past March I'd never seen that antique rug before.  While I loved the rug and had intended to hook one also that didn't happen until 7 months later.  Now it seems Facebook is flooded with photos of the rug being drawn and hooked by others.  Of course it is an antique and no copywrite so now there is a whole herd of horses running around out there due to its popularity.
It won't be too much longer before the hooking will be done and I can move onto another project.  The decision has been made between a Granny Donaldson or a Magdalena design.  Magdalena won out as the first to hook with Granny following after January 1st. 

Reason for the delay in Granny is because two blogger friends say they wanted to join me ~ Sheila and Lauren said they'd like to join in on the fun but Lauren cannot do it until after the new year because of other commitments.  Sheila loves primitive and previously hooked a Granny Donaldson rug pattern from Woolley Fox.
This should be a fun and easy hook because the motifs wouldn't have any detail, just mostly the same color used for the individual motif ~ easy peasy.

If you would like to participate in the fun of hooking the simplicity of a Granny Donaldson design too, you can check out the various Granny Designs HERE.  You can draw it any size and if you don't draw your own designs you can check out Woolley Fox or if you tell me which one you prefer and what size I can draw it for you.   It would be drawn on Dorr natural primitive linen with serged edges and price would be determined by size.

Have been spending about half an hour daily now whipping the edge of Stacked Birds ~ hey hate binding and that's about all l  can tolerate at a time.  So before the horse is finished so should the whipping task.  After the whipping is done I'll draw out the Magdalena rug I chose to hook....which is Bird Dog.  
After studying the face on Bird Dog to determine how I'd draw the face I compared it to the similar rug Magdalena hooked (below).  It looks as tho it might be an ear on the right side with a white tip on the dog above.  If so it would give the face and muzzle a little better shape.
The pattern hasn't been drawn yet as I'm waiting for the binding to be finished first.  Besides I've got yard work to do today before rain tonight and cold wind tomorrow.  Oh, before I forget.... I did trim the leaves of the dainty blue Iris type flowers and replanted a few then gave away the rest to a neighbor; so Just Gail and Julia I  heeded your comments.

Happy hooking and unhappy yard work, 😄.



  1. I might be tempted to try a Granny Donaldson pattern , my grand kids just love animals & would love that , but I would need to make one smaller ....will be thinking about that !
    I worked outside all day today , it is just a beautiful day here too . Now I'm exhausted !
    Your horse rug is just beautiful , funny how many others are hooking it too .
    Hope you get to hook today !

  2. our weather was in the 60's today almost unheard of this time of year but sadly I was working so I could not enjoy. I may be tempted too but I can not hook it right now as I have way to much going as it is. When do you plan on starting your Granny rug? I could not even think about it until after the holidays.
    something to ponder

  3. Your horse is looking handsome. Just a little bit more and you'll be done.
    Choosing both rugs but to be hooked at different times will satisfy your craving and keep you busy. I didn't pull a single hoop today nor did I ripped any either. I've been helping my son all afternoon and we went grocery shopping after supper.

    I woke up to see a little trace of snow this morning and then the rain washed it all away.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Loving your horse rug! Snowing tonight and windy. I need to pick up my hook and finish my own rug. Janice

  5. Your horse is looking least you're done with the pennies you disliked...should be a breeze now LOL. Love your choice with the bird dog rug and, as always, will be looking forward to following along with you. Snowed here today...again. This stuff is old already. ~Robin~

  6. Love UR horse mat!!!
    Lots done,,,,
    Look forward to seeing g UR progress on all UR new mats,,,
    We have more,,,,You know What!

  7. Your horse rug is wonderful and you will be finished before me!!!


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