Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Last Loop Pulled

Yippee, the horse rug is all hooked and steamed.  And just before pulling those last loops I knew how it was going to be bound....with Ali Strebel's dyed wool yarn.  Not knowing if I had enough of the yarn left I measured it to see if there was (that length at the bottom of the rug).  Want to know the formula?  Click HERE to see a previous post on how to determine amount of yarn required.
Well dang, not quite enough left of that color to whip the edge of the horse rug.  I have two other skeins of different colored dyed wool from Ali but the brown variegated is what I thought would match best.  So I ordered two skeins and they arrived yesterday.

If you would like to purchase some wool yarn, patterns, etc., visit Kindred Spirits.   The variegated wool yarn is not shown on her web site, only the solid is so you would need to ask for it.  And it is $20 per skein whereas the solid is $17.  Here are the three colors I have.
Here they are again opened up so you can see the colors better.  Again on the left is the "brown variegated", the middle is "dark multi-variegated"  and on the right is "dark variegated".  I love them all and really want to use up the middle one as the colors would be fun to see develop as I whip.

Ali does custom dyeing and one-of-a-kind dyeing; so if there is something special you need, she's the gal to contact.
I've started working on my new project and will show you my progress in a couple days.  Do you believe tomorrow will be December???  Oh my but life is zooming by in a flash and too fast for me.  It is cloudy, cold and dreary outside so think I'll stay in and play with wool strips.  Perhaps I'll start preparing the horse rug for binding later today.  You all  know how I hate to bind but with interesting wool it makes it a little more fun to see the colors develop.  Perhaps that's the key to turn my feelings about binding around 😁.

Happy hooking.




  1. Congratulations oh finishing your lovely horse rug. I hope that you can get some more of that wool to whip it. It's worth waiting for.

    We are still in the fall but it sure feels like winter here. I can't believe it's already December tomorrow.

    Stay warm.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Love your rug , the colors are just beautiful & so are the yarns you have !!! Will be so pretty !!!
    It is cold here & looks like it could snow ...I'm not ready to see snow yet ! Definitely feels like Winter .
    Thank you for the formula for how much yarn is needed to bind a rug . I had no idea how to figure that out !

  3. WOOHOO! Looks amazing as ever. Cannot wait to see the the whipped edge now. Janice

  4. Another beautiful finish under your belt....it turned out great! Love Ali's wool and it will be fun to see your bound finish with that gorgeous wool! Stay warm and bundled. It has begun in earnest, hasn't it? ~Robin~

  5. Yay! Another beauty. You could do a sleigh for your next project then leash them together with jingle bells (bad I know, please don't cyber pinch me.)

  6. He is looking mighty fine.
    Ali has the best yarn and she is a master at dyeing. In Millersburg, one of the hookers was whipping her rug with Ali's hand dyed yarn, and it was absolutely spot on.


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