Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The Delightful Neverending Birthday

Hey, call me conceited but think I'm a rather likeable person and believe my blog is entertaining if not helpful to newbies.  Yet I never thought my mailbox (both snail mail and email) would have a continuing influx of birthday wishes ~ but they have.  

Because of the abnormal amount of mail (and a sweet gift from Cathy) I knew who the 'recruiting' culprit was ..and you know too....Lauren.  I wrote her one day I received cards and accused her of recruiting people to send me birthday wishes.  She pleaded the 5th.  Next day I emailed more guilty charges against her and again she denied any association.  

Just now I emailed Lauren and told her I had evidence of her guilt and she cannot deny it.  I received a card from sweet Joanne H. who doesn't have a Facebook account nor does she do email.  Yet I received a sweet card from her ~ hmm, how would she know my address???  
All good things must come to an end so this might be the last of the cards.  The cards and birthday wishes from all of you have been fun as has the faux fight with Lauren.  You'd never believe who sent me that tall green card in the back with the male eye candy.  Hey, I might be 80 but still enjoy that eye candy as well as rug eye candy.

Below is the sweet primitive wool wreath Cathy made me.  I love it and have it hanging on the door to the computer room so I can see it several times during the day when walking in and out.  Thanks Cathy.
The rug on the table with the cards (first photo) is an antique adaptation I offer named Cherries and Candy Stripe.



  1. Who is Lauren. LOL Hope your birthday was a great one!!! Janice

    1. She has the blog Rugs and Pugs and there was a hyperlink on her name to take you to her blog.

  2. I am still denying it!!! I assume the tall green card is from my evil twin ;-)
    Sweet little wreath from Cathy. How thoughtful of her.
    Happy two days after your birthday.

    1. Ummm.... NO!!!! I was assuming it was from YOU! You just may be the evil one after all... LMBO

  3. Sounds like a fun bday....Love the wreath from Cathy... Such a sweet gift. It may just be me thinking out loud, but I'm thinking one of your wayward "daughters" might need some castigation. And it wouldn't be me.

  4. Lauren just keeps better track of birthdays than the rest of us that is all. Glad you had a lovely birthday!

  5. You deserve to be celebrated! Hope it’s a happy season for you

  6. Lauren? Lauren who??? Never heard of her! ;-) LOL.

  7. So so nice!!!!all those cards,,,,,
    You deserve it,,,,
    Take care,,,
    Lots of snow Here now,,,,,must get hooking,,,,but trying to finish off 3 more pairs of socks,,,,almost there!!!!

  8. I'm glad that you had a blast at your 80th birthday. Who is Lauren anyway?
    The name sounds familiar but I can't for the life of me remember.
    I was tempted to come visit the birthday bog post but was a patient girl and waited till today. I can't guess who would have sent you that male eye candy card.

    Take care, hugs.


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