Friday, March 4, 2022

A Little THIS and a Little THAT

I'm itching to work on Blue Bowl of Flowers again so will put Dancing Rabbits aside for a bit.  Having another project waiting on the sidelines has been very enjoyable because I get bored easily.  Have only accomplished a little more since the last photo but it was something.  Think I will attack the large flower next.
This is what my rabbits rug looks like but the background hooking just got too mundane for me.  Perhaps if I'd drawn in flowers, hearts or something to fill the space it would have gone much easier on my patience.
I hate watching the news for our own domestic disheartening issues but also international news is scary.  I pray for Ukraine people and President Zelensky.
That said, our own United States could use a lot of prayers as well.  
Thank goodness I have rug hooking to keep my hands and mind busy.  Happy hooking.



  1. What a mess the world is in. Nothing makes any sense any more. We need to go back to the Bible and return to live as God wants us to live, with love for each other. Only Divine interference can help us now as leaders won't listen to common sense.I've been praying for all our countries, especially for the Ukraine. Those poor people. It is difficult to watch. What a deranged man is that Putin...

    Coming back to your bunnies, I'm glad that the bunnies are trapped in the loops otherwise we would have an invasion of bunnies. Yours rug is looking great as usual. I'm anxious to see more progress on the Blue Bowl rug. I really like how it's looking and love that blue.


  2. I like your bunnies. I really like your blue vase. I have tried to keep my eyes off of the news.
    I am really aware of it, but I just see smoke and mirrors.
    I hope you have a lovely day.

  3. Love your Blue Bowl ....and your Bunnies !!!! Those Dancing Bunnies just make me smile the way we are all hooking them ! Thank goodness for our hooking & handwork to keep us busy ....
    The world is just a scary place now ....history doesn't seem to have an impact on governments ....
    Back to pulling loops tomorrow & all weekend !!! That will make me Happy !!!

  4. I love both your rugs. I hate watching the news lately. Dont understand why we are in discussions with Iran in nuclear energy and still buying Russian oil. It must be because these politicians are making money from both while us normal folks will suffer, including the Ukrainians. So sad. Janice

    1. What you said is true, the politicians are making money on wind energy, battery production for electric cars and oil stock sales. All that when we were oil production independent until Joe-Bama cut off the pipe line as he did with opening up the wall to let in illegals.

  5. I am trying very hard to stay informed without becoming obsessed by the news. Our gas is going up by the minute. I went to work it was 3.79 I came home 3.99 and then overnight it went up to 4.01. Husband says we just need to do what makes sense for us and our family and let the rest go. it is hard to do.
    you are right about rug hooking it keeps us sane. I love your blue basket so pretty. you must be seeing bunnies in your sleep lol. I see them everywhere online.

  6. I am loving both of your projects. I'd like to see your bunny background in person...I can see all sorts of colors and movement peeking through...looks great! I have had a few "setbacks" here so have had little time for pulling loops or crossing stitches.... I am hoping to get back to my rhythm...such as it is...soon. Keep calm...and hook. ~Robin~

  7. Loving UR blues,,,,,
    And the mat is so awesome,,,
    Sweet bunnies,,,


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