Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Still Dancing (edit #1)

JUDY sent a photo of his version of the design with a background and edge like I'd considered doing.  Sure do like your version Judy, great work and now you can get back to the wedding rug.
Let's see who is still dancing and who has finished.  Still on the dance floor is Nancy with her rabbits and hearts.  She sent me a photo of the background and was worried the rabbits would be lost and thought of ripping out the background wool.  I suggested she outline it and try that first.  And so she did, it looks great.
Guess Janice of Prims by the Water knew about that technique as she outlined her rabbits to set them apart from the background too.
Jo Wick is doing needle punch and still dancing for just a few minutes more.  She will have this piece done soon as she only has the background left.  Wonder what wonderful base she will apply it to?
Already finished hooking and off the dance floor is Rhonda.  She has gone full blown spring as she's tired of winter and her rabbits are doing the happy dance now.
Guess folks have been outside today instead of hooking as these are the only new photos I've received since my last rabbit post.  However, I will edit my blog as photos are received and will place the newest at the top.

And no I'm not done hooking mine yet but working on the background.  Am seriously thinking about working on my big Blue Bowl for a switch up.  It's really nice to have one on the sidelines.

Happy hooking and hope you enjoyed your day it reached 66 degrees here today so guess spring is coming.



  1. Oh I love your updates so much talent

  2. Oh lots of Fun to see the Dancing Bunnies displayed !!!
    I really like Janice's bunnies with their flowers and blue sky !
    Jo Wick 's looks pretty , punch needling that is a lot of work !
    Rhonda just has such a good eye for color & hers does look bright & Springy !
    So much fun to see how we all are hooking & punching these happy Bunnies !!!! So much fun to do this hook a long !!!

  3. Oh I love the others rendition too! Spring tulips is the cats meow! Janice

  4. Four wonderful renditions!! I would never have thought of doing this design in punch needle. perfect! And Jo's really surprised me....what wonderful spring touches with the tulips and the springy pennies. Lots of creativity going on here. Something tells me there's quite a few over achievers in this group LOL. ~Robin~ (66º??! Shut the door! It snowed here...and even nastier weather moving in tomorrow and for the weekend.)

  5. Yay! These are looking great! Rhonda your spring bunnies make me want to dance as well. Great job

  6. And the bunnies are March-ing on... I'm just a spectator at this Dancing Bunnies on Parade but I'm having such a good time admiring all the bunny costumes and the little extras. I love this new one with the tulips and circles. So cute for a child nursery. Keep them coming. They all look great. Thanks , Saundra for doing this.


  7. Gee, look at all these overachievers! LOL I feel like a slacker. I just started mine last night, so only have one bunny head to account for. I'll be sending pictures soon!

  8. Love Ernest's background !!! His Bunnies look like they could Bounce right off the foundation !!!

    I didn't get much done today & babysit the twins tomorrow

  9. Wow! These really have become works of art. Love the color choices and additions to the bunnies.

  10. Another great dancing bunny rug. The centre one looks like he's electrifying.
    Lots of buzz around him.
    Thanks for the update.
    Hugs, Julia

  11. Wow and oh wow!!!they all look so darn good!!,
    Love them all,,,,So fun!!!!
    Thanks for posting ,Saundra!!!,
    Brightens the days,,,,

  12. I like Ernest's version too! Very authentically old looking. And, hmmm...his middle bunny is facing his other partner LOL. ~Robin~

  13. Leave it to Robin to notice Ernest's middle bunny was facing the opposite direction.
    Wonderful all!


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