Tuesday, March 15, 2022


With this time change I tried going to bed half an hour earlier Saturday night but my body still hasn't adjusted to the time difference.  Even this morning I didn't want to get out of bed at my normal wake time, which was to me still 6 a.m.  How long should it take for a body and brain to adjust for goodness sake??  Has anyone else felt the difference?

For those who may not know, I used to be more of a dollmaker than rug hooker and did the vending/show circuit for years.  Then when trying to anticipate what the public wanted and not always hitting the mark and getting older, decided to stop doing shows.

A couple months ago I received an order for a sizeable vintage looking Angel doll.  Then earlier this week an order for a patriotic doll holding a flag and yesterday an order for a primitive black doll and a whimsical patriotic doll.  Here is the photo of the two sold yesterday.  Have a current photo because I wanted to confirm we were talking about the right dolls.
Back in the day I also built a web site with software whose name I don't remember.  But as software often does, you need to buy the upgrade and learn how to work the new system.  I did not buy the new software.  However, decided to pay for and keep my domain name Woodland Junction therefore the web site is still visible on the web.  

That said, I am unable to remove a photo when sold or type the words "sold" in the text because I didn't buy that new software.  People still find it when searching me out and inquiries do come in to see if 'so and so' is available.  Sometimes it is and sometimes not.  I've still inventory which is stored downstairs in totes marked for the category.  So if you are hankering for a doll or just want to see what I used to do, you can look HERE.  I sometimes think they stumble upon that site when looking for my rug patterns.  So if that is what you're looking for, the link is always under my name at the end of the blogpost. 

In case the above is confusing and you wonder if I still make dolls ~ I do not.  Is that better ~gt~?

So ya wanna see what's been hop'n in the bunny world?  You've probably already seen them either on Facebook or a blog.  Susan joined early on and recently sent me her finish.  Love that little bunny butt.
Kimm (Sheep Underfeet) was weakened by seeing all the great rabbits and finally decided to join too.  She drew her design for the door  vertically.  What a great idea.  It was hooked in #6 cut and measures 4.5 x 14.5.  She used jute twine around the edge to add the folky feel to it. 
Even I decided to pull more loops today but didn't get it finished.   I'm determined to not post an almost done photo.  It's all or nothing at this juncture baby...well, it won't be bound but will be all hooked, lol.

Sorry the post was so long so maybe save the reading for tomorrow morning with a cup of coffee while you slowly wake up like me.  Happy hooking.



  1. I also had a website where I sold my doll patterns. I use to pay to have each one copyrighted. It was when I joined a site that you posted your work on monthly, whose name I will not mention that I found another person selling my works on the very same site. It made me mad and I quit doing it all together. Here I paid $25 dollars for each copyright only to find out you could tweak one thing and create almost the same pattern. I only started creating again when we first opened our antique store. I told my customers that I would only make so many things each season and that would be it...as I would make a paper pattern and throw it away. Needless to say I have folks come each season now just to purchase my handmades and I dont copyright patterns any longer. So love the purple in that first bunny rug and I an not a purple fan. Also love the idea Kimm had with hers. Janice PS sorry about my rant.

  2. Like Janice, I am not a purple person, but the purple in the first bunny rug is sweet. I like Kimm's vertical bunnies, too.
    Your doll making skills are beyond wonderful. Are these a couple you just made...or were they stashed away in totes?

  3. I still love seeing all the bunny rugs. I will have to take a look at your dolls. They look wonderful

  4. I've checked your website and you had a lot for sale.I like that doll dressed in white. I used to make little dolls for my kids when they were small, then life got busy with 4 kids and boarding brothers who worked on the farm.

    I'm not a purple person either but surprisingly it looks good with the darker color in it. I remember my girls loved purple when they were young and wanted a purple shag rug in their bedroom, lol.

    I like how Kimm's rug is unique and the burlap finishing.

    I haven't adjusted to the new time either. I go to be late most night and it doesn't help. I just wish that they would just leave it alone. The time change was first used during the summer in World War II to save energy in summer.

    Take care,

  5. Ok...so is that background purple? Or burgundy? Or something in between?? Whatever it is, it's unique and works so well with the rug. I have seen some of your wonderful creations along the way, but was not aware of this website....and, of course, I couldn't resist taking a peek. Wow...what wonderful talent...and in so many different mediums! I really love that "stone" angel...and the dapper snowman...and those "beachy/patriotic rugs....and...ok, probably a good thing you've sold most of it LOL. And I think you know well my though on the whole time change thing. I think I am in the minority with despising daylight savings time. While I know it isn't at all logical, I cannot help but think I am being robbed of an hour sleep each morning and every night....I'm a night owl, so when it's 11pm, it is now midnight, so I lose an hour...and when I get up at 8 (ahem), it's now 9 and I've lost another hour. 2 hrs in less than 24 hrs each and every day. I KNOW it's not so...and I KNOW no matter how you slice it, there are the same number of hours in a day, but hey, it's my "bee" and I'm sticking with it LOL. ~et~

  6. You made awesome dolls ! Lots of work goes into making those !!!
    I just Love how Kimm made her Bunnies vertical . I'm not a purple person either ,but my Grand Daughters Love that color , it's growing on me ! LOL ! , so cute !!! Susan's rug is really just says Happy to me !!!
    I wish I could blame my lack of sleep due to the time change , but the past 2 nights , I have still been awake until 3 am ....UGH !!! My Dr tells me to be more active ....that doesn't help !!! Unless I walk all day long ????? Chase 3 year old twins all day long ??? None of that works ! Maybe tonight I will have a good night sleep ????

  7. Love that purpley color ,,,!!!Sweet mats,,,,
    I know ,,,the time change is annoying,,,,Don't sleep well anyway,,,seems worse since we sprung ahead!!!

  8. I've enjoyed seeing all the variations of the dancing bunnies!


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