Monday, March 21, 2022

That Blue Bowl Again

Although I have several different size rug hooking frames it is still a struggle for me to work on large rugs.  Even if I roll the heavy long side up and secure it in the middle and the ends there's an issue rotating the frame because the stiffness of the heavy side hits my end table or the basket of wool at my side.  BUT, once this sucker is done think mama will be a happy hooker.

I'd be interested in hearing how you readers deal with what I consider big rugs~ particularly you Tanya if you read this.
In case you've forgotten, the pattern I drew for myself measures 30 x 41.  AND..... I previously hooked Domestic Zoo which, if I recall, is 67" long. Honestly did consider making Blue Bowl pattern smaller and would do that for anyone who wishes to hook it smaller.  But somehow I mustered up the courage to go big or go home ~ as the saying goes.

I know at the end I'll need to tone down some of the light/bright colors but that will occur after it is all hooked and bound.

Less than two weeks away from rug camp just an hour away.  But I'll be staying at the Suites and eating on my own vs. the dining hall in the hotel.  Will be my first time doing that there but is how we did it when attending Barb Carroll's camp at her previous Ligonier property.

Happy hooking.



  1. You got a lot done on your big Blue Bowl of Flowers rug since you last posted your progress.

    This evening was my first free evening since January 26th and I picked up my hook but my eyes just couldn't see the true colors. I did hooked a little and will have to work on it in daylight as my light bulb burnt out.

    Happy Spring and happy hooking.

  2. I have a Spruce Ridge lap frame that tilts and spins. Love it!

  3. I have done all my big rugs on my purtain frame I do not turn my frame even though husband made it so I could I just was taught from the start to learn to hook circles by turning your hand. I love this rug but I am working on a 56 long rug now.

  4. Wow...remarkable progress since last time!! Don't talk to me about big rugs.... I didn't do so well with The Beast....and it's still wonky. ~Robin~

  5. This is looking so pretty !!! I have a puritan frame & can't imagine making a big rug !!!

  6. Really coming along great,,,love it!,!

  7. You have gotten so much down on your Blue Bowl.
    Camp is always fun to look forward to. Are you already

  8. Hope you have fun at camp. I dont have any intention of doing another large rug. Am still trying to finish the one I started which I called animal crackers. All the animals that have meaning in my life. Janice ps blue bowl is looking mighty fine!


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