Saturday, March 5, 2022

New Submissions (Edit #2)

Jo finished her needle punch piece which measures 3.5 x 5.5 punched with Merino lightweight yarn.  The rabbits were hooked with Valdani #8 pearl cotton and is mounted on a vintage wood box.
Look at this wonderfully primitive rug hooked by Angela.  The rabbits are hooked with t-shirts, the rest is wool and she did a crochet edge.
Claire's rabbits are wearing ruffles and bowtie and holding their lunch of carrots.  She created her own interesting background of blocks and it looks like she also did the beading technique at the edge.
After reading about the Dancing Rabbit Hook-along, Kris (Spruce Ridge Studios) emailed me saying, "You had me at granddaughter".   That post  inspired her to draw the pattern with her granddaughter and grandson in mind.  I adore your version Kris, me thinks you'll need to hook two rugs ~ one for each grandchild.

Kris said she chose blue and yellow  for the boy bunny as a salute to the University of Michigan.  Her grandson was an extreme preemie and spent 2 months in the pediatric NICU there.  This rug will forever hold a special meaning to the entire family, particularly when the grandson gets a little older and understands.
If you would like Kris to color plan your dressed up rabbits you can click on her link above.  She can get close to the same colors she will use for her rabbits, however, it may not be the exact same colors as she is using wool from her own personal stash and some wool which hasn't been milled in a while. 

Was surprised when reading her blog that Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) decided to join after all.  She declined at first because she had previously hooked it.  So I borrowed stole this photo off her blog.  And I know where she is going with her design because the saved name gave it all away Lauren, lol.
For those of you reading my blog for the first time you can read about the Hook Along HERE.  It has been underway since February 18th and a few folks have already finished.  I've put mine aside to work on my other rug but will pick it up again soon.

Happy Hooking.




  1. Oh Kris's Bunny is adorable !!! My twin grand daughters were Micro Preemies and were in the NICU ....Think I need to hook Twin Bunnies for them too !!! These Bunnies are multiplying !!!!
    Happy Lauren joined in the Fun too !!! So many different ways to hook these !!!!

  2. Ok....I call OVERACHIEVER on BOTH of these rugs. It's just unfair that two people can hook such perfect little loops. Pouting in Nod.

  3. Kris' bunny is just too sweet. My hooking looks sloppy compared to hers...sigh.
    How did I give mine away? Was it in an email?

  4. Wow,,,,Lauren Joined! Love it,,,
    Love Kris ,too,,,,how really Sweet!,

  5. Am a fan of Kris's rug already. Go Blue!!! Then there's Lauren who is doing the rug again. I hope I can finish the first one. LOL Janice

  6. Oh my, I love Kris's bunny. He looks like Peter Rabbit and is hooked to perfection and would be perfect for a child's room. Great inspiration for everyone.

    I really like Angela's black and white bunnies because I love these neutral colors as they would go with any decor.

    Claire's also is so creatively done with the little extras that makes it so special.

    Now, Lauren, how can you say that your rug looks sloppy. I clicked to enlarge the photo and it's hooked to perfection. I'm looking forward to seeing it all done. It will be just as lovely as all your other rugs are.

    Seeing all these creations is putting some spring in my steps. Two weeks to official spring. Yippee!!!

  7. Update 1 Comment: Two more wonderful finishes!! And both so unique. I was anxious to see Angela's completed rug because I was intrigued by the lines in the background on her last update photo. And wow..I am loving the change-up in color and the pennies on the sides! Claire's embellishments are so very sweet...just love the carrots!

  8. I love Kris's rug, how very cute. I am working on mine but this is birthday month. Such cute rugs. All of the different styles are just incredible.

  9. Thanks & a huge shout out to you, Saundra, for organizing this “Dancing Rabbits” Hook along. I enjoyed doing my version in Punch Needle & have added the hooked version to my bucket list! One day when I’m all caught up with punching projects, I’m going to hook this! I have enjoyed seeing all the versions as everyone has sent In their projects. I especially love Kris’s version of her dressed rabbit, can’t wait to see her progress! Spring is coming!! Keep on Dancing!!

  10. I love this new version of Jo's dancing bunnies also and I love the dark and light in the colors. A great job.
    Hugs, Julia

  11. Oh just enjoy seeing all of the updates! Everyone is doing such a great job! Janice

  12. Here is the edit I missed.
    Angela's almost "monochromatic" bunny rug is just too sweet. I love the side borders.

  13. Love them all! Love the light streaks in the dark field in Angela's background. Interesting touch.


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