Friday, March 11, 2022

Dancing Rabbits

I love America and cuddly bunnies so who wouldn't love Patriotic Bunnies?  This is Lauren's (Rugs and Pugs) newest version of the vintage design (she's hooked it before).  BTW, that star was hooked in a #9 cut which was a tutorial by Kris (Spruce Ridge Studios) shared in a class.
Nancy has completed her rug and what a difference her red outline of the rabbits and linking hearts makes.  The tongue border adds color and frames the piece nicely.  She says she's not ready to hook tongues any time soon.
April has finished hers and as always does an incredible primitive look.  Wonder what she has on her frame now.  If I were to buy a rabbit it would be the one one the right, lol.  Me thinks he's cute.
Janice is busy with her two shops but still finds time to work on her rug which is moving along well.  Hmmm, wonder if it will go in her shop?  If it does it will be swooped up quickly I'm sure.
Kim (My Field of Dreams) sent me her finished hooked and already bound design.  Must admit it blew me away because the last time I saw a photo was with just the dark rabbits.  Really cool Kim!
Valerie sent me her finished Dancing Rabbits in white with dark blue background which is close to one of the vintage photos I originally posted.  Great job.
Blogger seems to be acting up.  Sometimes the photos don't show up then I have to click on the 'renew' circle then they appear again.  Perhaps you'll have to do that as well.  

Happy Friday.  Sadly it won't be a happy Saturday as it will be heavy rain and winds with some snow.  Not looking forward to that as it is just the time to turn the clocks forward one hour tomorrow evening.  

So happy hooking instead tomorrow.



  1. I cant believe how sharp is that star in Lauren's rug in # 9 cut. I love this patriotic dancing bunnies. Everyone's dancing bunnies rug are just so special. I was trying to find a suitable word to describe my overall impression and I have to say that they are all very SPECIAL and unique and beautiful. "Variety is the spice of life"

    Hop, Bunnies, hop.

    I saw a big circle around the sun today and it means a storm is brewing.
    Stay safe everyone.

  2. We had both snow and fog today, with more snow tomorrow. Am hoping to hook some more at the store tomorrow once I check in my new candle order. Am so loving everyone's bunnies. Just so much talent out there. Each is so unique and I love them all! Maybe one day I will be as good as Lauren and hook a star like she did. Janice

  3. I would never tire of a parade of these bunnies I swear. I love each and every one I have seen and I am now horribly confused about how I want to do mine LOL. And yeah...that star of Sissy's.... it looks like one of those button stars you sew on it's that stinking perfect...and if I recall her post, I think she said she might redo it. I think she needs professional help...and not of the rug hooking variety. ~et~

  4. Oh Lauren's Bunnies with the Flag & that Star !!! Just Love it !!! So much fun to see all of versions & they are all very Special ....I want to hook it again !!! LOL , but without tongues !!!
    It is Saturday morning as I am writing , its raining here , then will change to a mix & then snow & 50 mile per hour winds ! The only good thing is all next week will be in the 50's to clear out the mess !!!
    I have a bad case of Spring Fever !!!! Hope everyone stays safe & cozy inside hooking !!!

  5. I am so sorry about all of that weather. Oh the time change. Now I will be late for the next eight months. But it does bring spring fever with it and that extra time in the evening.
    I loved all of those rugs and I went to that tutorial and I have to hook something with that star so I can try it. I love how cute all of the rugs are and how different. I think it is so nice to see the different way that a simple pattern can be made into such treasures. Stay warm and safe.

  6. I love seeing how each and every rug is so different and so wonderful. Wow, Lauren's rug hit it out of the ballpark! That little star is perfect!
    I'm headed down the homestretch with my Bunny rug. Just have to hook the ground, give it a press, add a couple of doo-dads (*wink wink*) and then I'll send you a picture!

  7. I love Lauren's patriotic bunnies. As usual Lauren's hooking is excellent

  8. Oh my!!!all the ideas for bunnies!!!!so love them all,,,wow,,,,am impressed,,,,
    We have the snow and blowing here today,,seems to be a huge system ,,,,and stretches all down the states,,,,ands well as up in canada!!!
    Good day to be home,,
    Making cottage pie,,,Haven't done that for ages,,,mostly veggies with mash potato topping,,,,perfect comfort food,,,,ands do in oven early in case power goes off,,,,
    Clocks!!!oh YES!,,

  9. WOW! an outstanding to all the bunny rugs. Lauren's star is amazing.. I have the pattern, need to start but want to include some of everything I've been seeing which is a bit over the top for me.... Weather wise south Jersey where I am only got very light snow with usual rain/sleet, sunshine so far today.

  10. What a great flock, bunch, oh, whatever many bunnies are called!!! star was actually made with a 9.5 cut.


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